Biovet organizes an International Seminar for Bangladesh

Biovet organizes an International Seminar for Bangladesh

Biovet organizes an International Seminar for Bangladesh

The new distributor for Nepal, Rush International, was presented in the congress

Biovet S.A., in collaboration with Doctor’s Agrovet, held an international seminar for Bangladesh customers on 23rd November 2021 in Abu Dhabi. In addition, the new distributor for Nepal, Rash International, represented by Dr. Abhishek Shrestha was presented. The new distributor will start working with Biovet products in Nepal in the coming weeks.

In the congress, which was held coinciding with VIV MEA, the products that Biovet market in Bangladesh were presented. These natural solutions are focused in improving production efficiency in poultry farming and aquaculture.

Specifically, two products that will be available in Bangladesh soon were described in the seminar: Alquernat Coneb and Alquernat Yucca, intended to prevent coccidiosis and to reduce the ammonia concentration, respectively.

Pronutrients to improve intestinal welfare and prevent avian coccidiosis

Avian coccidiosis is one of the most important parasitic diseases in poultry farming caused by different species of the genus Eimeria. Affected birds can present high morbidity and mortality. In addition, it is considered one of the main predisposing factors for the development of other bacterial infections, such as necrotic enteritis.

Alquernat Coneb is a product that contains intestinal conditioner and optimizer pronutrients. On one hand, they reinforce the local immunity of the intestine, so that, the animals are capable of breaking coccidia cycle. On the other hand, intestinal conditioner pronutrients reinforce the integrity of the intestinal epithelium, improving the defensive capacity of the intestine.

The effectiveness of Alquernat Coneb have been proved in several field trials that support the positive effect of supplementing these pronutrients in the diets and, in this way, help to reduce the negative effect of coccidiosis.

Biovet organizes an International Seminar for Bangladesh

Alquernat Yucca, to reduce ammonia concentration in poultry farms and in aquaculture

Ammonia is a compound that is produced by the decomposition of organic matter from urine and feces, causing stress and injury to the respiratory system. The injuries produced by ammonia will depend on the concentration and time of exposure to the gas, being the most serious injuries when the levels are higher and extended over time.

Alquernat Yucca makes it possible to reduce the concentration of ammonia in farms. It contains extract of Yucca ssp and cimenol ring which bind ammonia and avoids its dispersion in the air. In addition, reduce the concentration of ammonia-producing microorganisms. Field trials demonstrate that with the use of Alquernat Yucca ammonia concentrations can be reduced by up to 70% in poultry farms. That has a positive effect on the productive performance and intestinal welfare.

In the seminar, Dr. David Díez and Dr. Ekatiz Maguregui, veterinarians of Biovet, were in charge of presenting these innovative solutions that are already available in Bangladesh.

Alquernat Yucca and Alquernat Coneb were presented in the seminar

Global Vet’s Lab BB (Bangladesh Brand), new mycotoxin analysis service in Bangladesh

The seminar was opened by Dr. Rafiul Karim, Doctor’s Agrovet General Manager, and was closed by Dr. Ahsanuzzaman, General Secretary of Feed Industries Association of Bangladesh (FIAB). In addition, Dr. Tusar Chowdhury, Director of Operations at Doctor’s Agrovet, reviewed products that already have a long history in the region, such as the mycotoxin binder Alquerfeed Antitox, the preservative and microbiocide Alquermold Natural, and Alquernat Nebsui.

Finally, it was also presented Global Vet’s Lab BB (Bangladesh Brand), Global Vet’s Lab’s official partner. This service, which is already in operation in Bangladesh, offers mycotoxin analysis for Doctor’s Agrovet clients in order to present a study of the main mycotoxins that affect the animal industry and propose an adequate program for their prevention.

The Biovet Seminar was attened by customers from Bangladesh

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