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Commercial visits in the Philippines and Thailand

In mid-February 2024, a Biovet S.A. team organized a commercial visit with distributors and customers from the Philippines and Thailand.

During the most important trade fair in the Philippines for the animal industry, The International Farmers Summit Philippines 2024, meetings were held with current and potential distributors and also with clients from the country.

Topics were addressed about the predominant pathologies in the country, challenges in production systems and how to offer specific solutions to promote greater productive efficiency, both in the poultry and pig fields, and in feed manufacturing.

The products that generated the most interest were: Alquerfeed Diatom, one of the newest and most innovative products developed by Biovet S.A, and Alquernat Immuplus.

Alquerfeed Diatom, based on activated diatoms, has the ability to slow down the intestinal transit of birds, for better absorption of nutrients. Due to this, according to the trials carried out on farms, for every million birds, 92 more tons of meat could be obtained and 224 tons of feed could be saved.

Alquernat Inmuplus is composed of immunostimulant pronutrients, which are active molecules capable of stimulating the specific and non-specific immune system of the animal, promoting a better state of the defensive system.

Zearalenone and Aflatoxin, the most present mycotoxins in Thailand

Subsequently, during the visit to Bangkok, the meetings with distributors focused on the most prevalent mycotoxins in the country and how Alquerfeed Antitox, the mycotoxin binder based on Silicoglycidol, has the adsorption capacity of all mycotoxins, with a broad spectrum of action, at a low dose (0.5kg/T) and efficient at all digestive pHs, with minimum adsorption rates of 74.2% for Zearalenone, 97.3% for Aflatoxin B1 and 91.5% for Aflatoxin B2.

The meetings had the purpose of strengthening the commercial link with distributors and customers, to improve the collaborative strategy and offer the technical and commercial support necessary to promote Biovet products in the South Asian market.

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