Alquernat Yucca
Alquernat Yucca
Intestinal regulator, natural deodorizer and preservative

Premix powder


Alquernat Yucca reduces ammonium production (reduction up to 80%) thanks to the saponins and glicocomponents in Yucca spp. The cimenol ring increases yucca’s effect. It also regulates intestinal transit and improves the acceptance of pork meat by reducing unpleasant odors and improves water quality in aquaculture and has a preservative effect.


Alquernat Yucca is administered mixed with feed at the following doses:

• Swine: piglets/lactation sows 0.125 g/kg. Growing/finisher/gestation 0.060 g/kg.

• Poultry: 0.1-0.2 g/kg.

• Contact us for doses in aquaculture.

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