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Online seminar for Paraguayan poultry producers

Online seminar for Paraguayan poultry producers

On March 7, 2024, at 8:00 a.m. (Paraguay time), Biovet S.A. will organize an online conference, in collaboration with Campo Consultora.

Under the name “Nutritional strategies to reduce formulation costs in poultry production”, the talk will focus on offering better performance solutions for poultry producers in Paraguay.

Prevention of the mycotoxins’ effects, feed conservation, and pronutrients, protagonists of the event

The influence of mycotoxins on animal production is related to the refusal to consume food, the decrease in protein synthesis and the decrease in growth and loss of the conversion rate.

Mycotoxin binders play an important role in protecting the welfare and performance of production animals, avoiding economic losses and pathologies associated with feed contamination. Likewise, the control of potential microorganisms that can alter the quality of the feed and cause digestive problems is a key topic, which will be addressed in the online event, through the exhibition of technologies based on the cimenol ring.

Finally, the importance of enhancing the physiology of the main organs in industrially farmed animals will be addressed, for which different technologies based on pronutrients, developed and patented by Biovet, S.A., will be presented.

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