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Biovet S.A. carries out technical visits in Hungary and Slovakia

Biovet S.A. carries out technical visits in Hungary and Slovakia

In November 2021, a technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A. made a technical visit to distributors and producers located in Hungary and Slovakia.

Biovet S.A. visits its distributor in Hungary

A technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A. visited representatives of Gabomix, Biovet’s distributor in Hungary. During the visit, training activities were carried out for the technical team of the distributor company.

On the other hand, Biovet S.A. also held a collaboration meeting with the company AlphaVet. The purpose of these meetings was to consolidate the introduction of Alquernat Nebsui in the Hungarian market. This product of natural origin contains pronutrients that stimulate the regeneration of enterocytes, thus improves the absorption of nutrients and optimizes digestive processes. The product can also replace antibiotic growth promoters.

In addition to these meetings, Biovet S.A. visited several feedmills and pork producers. During these meetings, the producers showed its concern about the replacement of zinc oxide in this industry from 2022 in Europe. Therefore, it was introduced the product Alquernat Nebsui and its multiple advantages, which consolidate it as a replacement for zinc oxide. In addition, the benefits of Alquermold Natural as a natural preservative of raw materials and feed was presented. It has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect which promotes the balance of intestinal microflora and prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Alquernat Yucca was another of the products that lead the meeting. It is a product that prevents problems related to ammonia in pig farms.

Finally, visits were also made to poultry and turkey farms. In this case, the meetings revealed the producers’ concern about the use of chemical coccidiostats. In addition, turkey producers mentioned their interest in the control of diseases caused by protozoa in these animals. Therefore, Biovet S.A. presented Alquernat Zycox, a product that contains intestinal optimizer pronutrients that improve the intestinal mucosa and strengthen the poultry’s immune system against coccidia. In addition, Alquernat Coneb was presented, which favors the intestinal immunity of turkeys against infectious diseases, especially against protozoa.

Biovet visits Slovakia

Among the meetings made by Biovet S.A. in November, Biovet S.A. also visited farms located in Slovakia. Specifically, a visit was made to a pig farm that has recently tested Alquermold Natural. Finally, a visit was made to the Slovakian distributor Sigi Trade, where new products were presented: Alquerfeed Asinol, Alquermold Natural, and Alquernat Nebsui.


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