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Technical visits in Chile

Technical visits in Chile

At the beginning of November, a veterinary technical team of Biovet S.A. carried out technical visits in Chile. During the week, our colleagues met with the main chicken, pig and turkey producers interested in the use of natural additives to improve the health and nutrition of their animals. Intestinal optimizer pronutrients for chickens For chicken […]

The effect of Alquernat Nebsui to improve the performance of pigs in the finishing stage

Biovet S.A., together with IFTA USA Inc, will present a poster demonstrating the effect of Alquernat Nebsui to improve the performance of pigs in finishing stage at the Leman Conferences, to be held September 17-20 in Minnesota, United States.

Symposium for Peru and the Andean region in September

On September 16 and 17, 2022, a Symposium for Perú and the Andean region will be held in Lima, Perú. The congress is organized by Biovet S.A., Adivet and Veterinaria Digital.

Workshop on the combined use of Biovet products in pig production

On June 30, 2022, the technical team of Biovet S.A. organized an online conference entitled ‘Combined use of Biovet products in pigs’. The conference presented several strategies and programs available by the company to improve profitability and productivity in the different production stages in pig farming.

Biovet training session at the LIV AMVEC Congress

On July 14, 2022, Biovet S.A. will organize a training session in the LIV Amvec Congress, which will be held from 12-15 July in Monterrey, Mexico.

Flash products on pig farming in the XXXVII Biovet International Symposium

Flash products on pig farming in the XXXVII Biovet International Symposium held on 12-13 May in the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona.

Alquermold Natural is highly efficient for the preservation of pig feed

Recently, a field study was carried out in breeding sows where the preservative effect of Alquermold Natural in the animals’ feed was proved, obtaining a reduction of microorganisms of more than 95%.

XXXVII Biovet International Symposium

Biovet S.A. organizará una nueva edición del Simposium Internacional de Biovet en la Cámara de Comercio de Tarragona el próximo 12 y 13 de mayo de 2022.

Biovet evaluates the selective effect of cimenol ring on intestinal microflora

En semanas recientes, Biovet S.A. realizó dos ensayos con anillo cimenol para evaluar su efecto selectivo sobre la microflora intestinal y la sensibilidad de las bacterias patógenas y beneficiosas en aves y cerdos.

Intestinal welfare in poultry and pig farms, lead the International Symposium for China

The congress was held in online format on 23rd of September 2021 The International Symposium for China was held on 23rd of September in online format by Zoom. The congress was organized by Biovet S.A. and Beijing Chengzhi Zhonghe, in collaboration with Veterinaria Digital. Dra. Júlia Pié, veterinarian from Biovet’s technical team, gave the first […]