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Technical-commercial visits in Mexico

At the beginning of July, a veterinary technical team of Biovet S. A., led by Aldo Ramirez, carried out a technical-commercial visit in Mexico. During the trip, the team visited the main pig and layer producers and presented the benefits of our natural additives that improve animal wellbeing and performance.

Controlling Post-Weaning Diarrhea in Pigs

Weaning is one of the most critical moments in pig farming. Weaned piglets are highly exposed to many stressors, including bacterial pathogens, inflammation, and digestive problems that eventually lead to post-weaning diarrhea (PWD). This is one of the most serious menaces for the swine industry globally, as it worsens animal welfare, reduces overall growth performance, and increases mortality rate.

Antibiotics are routinely used globally to control incidences of diarrhea during the transition. However, the increased antibiotic consumption leads to microbial resistance both in animals and humans. For this reason, investigations for natural alternatives are increasingly important to prevent possible pathologies.

Biovet S.A. has been at the forefront of investigating plant-based solutions for PWD. Results showed that Alquernat Nebsui, Biovet’s product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients, is an effective natural solution to prevent digestive problems that occur in the post-weaning stage of pigs. Alquernat Nebsui represents an effective alternative for the improvement of the productive parameters in weaned pigs which can replace products such as carbadox or ZnO.

Preventing Avian Coccidiosis with Intestinal Optimizer Pronutrients

Coccidiosis is a disease with high mortality rate, caused by a parasite that damages the gut wall of young chickens even before they reach maturity. Due to treatment costs, loss of productivity, and high mortality rate, coccidiosis causes severe economic losses to the poultry industry worldwide.

Treatment strategies usually include anticoccidial products, but recent findings show that resistance to these drugs is increasing. The excessive or inappropriate use of these drugs causes parasites to develop resistance mechanisms, thus they lose efficiency.

Vaccination is also a commonly used strategy to eliminate the risk of Coccidiosis, but the efficacy of the vaccines depends on various factors.

Considering the limitations of classical control strategies against avian coccidiosis, Biovet S. A. has been conducting research on alternative solutions for many years now.

In 2020 our company obtained the patent for Alquernat Zycox, which is composed of natural products made with plant extracts that contain pronutrients.

The intestinal optimizer reinforces the intestinal mucosa and normalizes the activity of the local immunity and digestive system, which prevents the pathogenic effect of the parasite.

Alquernat Zycox, like all Biovet products, is a natural solution, that does not have a pharmacological mechanism of action and therefore does not leave residues, does not generate microbial resistance, and does not require a withdrawal period.

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