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Biovet SA will be present at AMVEC 2023 with the official media partner

Biovet S.A. will be present once again at the Congress of AMVEC (Mexican Association of Specialized Swine Veterinarians) with one of the official media partners, Veterinaria Digital. This year, AMVEC celebrates its 55th National Congress between the 1st and 4th of August in Acapulco, Mexico.

For almost 40 years, Biovet S.A. has been promoting animal welfare, productivity, and food security by developing natural additives and offering a wide range of services, such as feed formulation, zootechnical guidance, microbiological and mycotoxin analysis.

Our multidisciplinary R&D team is creating specific and effective solutions to optimize and improve animal health that is a key factor in preventing diseases and their negative economic impact on farms. Furthermore, we aim to reduce the globally growing antibiotic resistance in animals and humans with our plant-based products. At the 55th AMVEC Congress we will showcase our natural alternatives that can replace growth-promoters antibiotics and are critical elements in animal biosecurity.

AMVEC is a leading association of the Mexican swine industry which has played an important role in supporting the sector’s transition from traditional pig farming practices to industrial-scale production. The 55th AMVEC Congress brings together acknowledged national and international speakers who will give lectures, keynote speeches, and round table discussions on animal welfare, sustainability, nutrition, economic challenges, and other key aspects of pig farming.

Besides the lectures, attendees can expand their network with professionals of the sector’s leading technological, pharmaceutical, and nutritional companies in more than 140 commercial spaces.

Visitors can find out more of Biovet S.A. and Veterinaria Digital at booth 40 during the three days of the Congress. We are waiting for you at our booth!

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