Biovet solutions for immunodeficiency in pigs at “Expo Porcina 2023” Peru

Biovet solutions for immunodeficiency in pigs at “Expo Porcina 2023” Peru

More than 200 attendees were present at Biovet’s lecture

On October 28th and 29th, 2023, Aldo Ramirez, technical-veterinary representative of Biovet S.A., in collaboration with Adivet, the distributor in Peru, attended the 4th edition of “Expo Porcina. The event, organized by Peruvian state institutions, universities, associations, private companies, and pork producers, took place at the Cerro Juli Convention Center in Arequipa, Peru and had over 500 attendees.

Within the scientific program of the event, Biovet, S.A. presented a lecture on the use of pronutrients in swine nutrition under the title “Interaction of Pronutrients in the Immune System, Intestinal Welfare and Performance”.

Plant-derived molecules to enhance animal growth and immunity

The Biovet talk was a real success, with more than 200 attendees showing great interest in learning about our solutions to immunodeficiency in pigs.

Aldo Ramirez spoke about the various agents that can affect the defensive capacity of pigs and generate states of immunodeficiency with serious consequences. The following causes were highlighted: the various microorganisms capable of producing swine influenza and swine epidemic diarrhoea (PED), among others; the deficiency of certain nutrients and pronutrients; and chronic stress that is usually caused by environmental conditions, animal management, or changes in the diet.

The R&D department of Biovet S.A. conducted pioneering research in the improvement of immune response, intestinal welfare, and animal performance. Aldo Ramirez presented some of the most important results and innovations developed by Biovet, such as pronutrients. These plant-derived molecules selectively stimulate the production of specific proteins and improve the physiology of animal organs through a meta-genetic mechanism. Biovet’s new technology improves food safety by reducing the use of chemical additives in animal production while maintaining the production parameters of the livestock and swine industries.

Participants were interested in learning about Biovet’s products containing pronutrients. Aldo Ramirez outlined two examples: Alquernat Nebsui and Alquernat Inmuplus, and several in vivo trials demonstrating their effectiveness in pigs were presented.

In the case of Alquernat Nebsui, the intestinal conditioner pronutrients have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract since they stimulate genes in the enterocyte that improve tight junctions and digestive physiology, such as nutrient absorption.

Concerning Alquernat Immuplus, the immunostimulant pronutrients stimulate immunity-related genes in the cells of the animal’s specific and non-specific immune system. Thus, this product boosts the immature immune system in young pigs, as well as in adults, especially in fast-growing or highly prolific breeds.

The “Expo Porcina 2023” represented a unique opportunity to showcase our solutions for the immune system, intestinal welfare, and animal performance. More than 200 participants attended our talk that addressed the topic of pronutrients, Biovet’s new technology, which has a positive impact on animal growth and diet utilization. On the other hand, these plant-derived molecules can increase the response to vaccination in adult animals and enhance innate immunity to fight new infections.

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