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Biovet visited important poultry, swine and ruminant farms in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia

Aldo Ramirez, veterinary-technical representative of Biovet S.A., travelled to Bolivia and the Dominican Republic at the end of August 2023, where he visited some of the main poultry and ruminant producers and a leading swine company.

During the meetings, Biovet’s professional delegate highlighted the benefits of using mycotoxin binders, flavourings, and pronutrients to prevent serious diseases while improving animal feeding and farm production parameters.

Strategies to maintain milk quality

One of the most serious problems facing farms worldwide is mycotoxins, secondary metabolites produced by certain fungi that can contaminate raw materials, by-products and other stored feed.

Cattle and other ruminants that consume feed contaminated with Aflatoxin B1 can suffer from acute and chronic disorders, and its transmission through milk presents a threat to human health.

Aldo Ramirez detailed the benefits of the Silicoglycidol molecule, the first mycotoxin binder patented globally by Biovet S.A. It can capture all types of mycotoxins at a low inclusion rate, avoiding damage and absorption of mycotoxins in the digestive tract. This cutting-edge technology has been the subject of in-depth research to corroborate its efficacy in ruminants and the product is marketed under the name Alquerfeed Antitox.

Preventive measures for coccidiosis in broilers

Coccidiosis is one of the most devastating diseases in the poultry industry, severely affecting broiler farms in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and worldwide. With a direct impact on bird welfare and significant economic consequences, it is critical to find preventive methods for this pathology.

Aldo Ramirez advised some of the leading poultry companies in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic on the use and effects of Alquernat Zycox, the intestinal conditioner that stimulates the intestinal immune response. In addition, the product developed by Biovet S.A. contains pronutrients that optimize the intestinal mucosa and normalize the activity of the local immune system of the digestive tract. In this way, the immune system can break the reproductive cycle of coccidia.

Feed consumption, key to weight gain in pigs

Due to environmental factors – mild winters, and hot and especially humid summers – both in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, it is essential to stimulate feed consumption in high temperatures so that pigs can reach the desired weight.

In addition to adequate facilities, there are solutions that help to make the feed more palatable to the animal. In the case of pigs, palatability is mainly influenced by smell and taste, as these animals have approximately 19,000 taste buds, while humans have about 9,000. This suggests that pigs are probably more sensitive to the taste of feed than humans.

Aldo Ramirez introduced to large-scale farms the flavouring developed by Biovet S.A.: Alquerflav Growing Pigs, which contains attractive odours and pronutrients, molecules of natural origin that improve the animal’s physiology.

Field trials have shown that the use of Alquerflav Porcino results in a higher acceptance of the diet, resulting in an increase in average daily weight gain. In economic terms, this translates into a better feed conversion ratio and lower feed cost per kg of weight gained.

Aldo Ramirez emphasized that all Biovet products are natural solutions, which do not have a pharmacological mechanism of action and, therefore, do not leave residues, generate microbial resistance, nor require a withdrawal period.

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