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Technical visits in Hungary

Technical visits in Hungary

At the beginning of March, a veterinary technical team of Biovet S.A. visited Hungary to support our distributor and various actors in the industry with technical-commercial advice on our products, the mechanisms of action, and the latest trials carried out in universities and farms. The main swine, and poultry companies (chicken, turkey, goose) of the country as well as the animal feed producers attended the meetings. The lectures were given by Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui, veterinarian at Biovet S.A., focusing on the most frequent pathologies observed in this region.

Prevention of post-weaning diarrhoea in pigs

For the participants from the swine industry, one of our most innovative products was presented, Alquernat Nebsui, an effective natural alternative to prevent these digestive problems that decrease productivity and profitability in swine production.

The pronutrient-based Alquernat Nebsui supports the regeneration of enterocytes and improves nutrient absorption. Companies showed great interest in the product’s mode of action, which is a great natural alternative to replace zinc oxide.

Necrotic enteritis in poultry a critical issue for Hungarian producers

Necrotic enteritis in poultry is one of the main challenges facing producers in this area. This highly prevalent bacterial disease causes increased mortality in poultry.

Alquermold Natural, Biovet’s natural solution with significant efficacy for the management of necrotic enteritis, was the protagonist of the talk.

The largest Hungarian companies in the country, and of great importance in the European market, are looking for sustainable and economically profitable alternatives to reduce the use of antibiotics. All Biovet products are natural solutions of botanical origin, which do not generate resistance or residues in animals.

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