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Biovet and Adivet participated in APROHPERÚ 2023

Biovet and Adivet participated in APROHPERÚ 2023

Biovet S.A., in collaboration with Adivet, our distributor in Peru, attended the First International Convention of Peruvian Egg Producers, which took place on 13 and 14 September in Ica, Peru.

The event, organised by the Peruvian Egg Producers Association (APROHPERÚ), brought together the leading companies in the industry to discuss strategies for promoting the sustainable growth of the country’s layer poultry industry. During the event, we were present with a stand where we showed customers the latest developments in poultry products and services.

The event was attended by leading delegates of egg producers from various regions of the country and the producer partners of the mayor poultry organisations in Peru. In total, representatives of almost 85% of the egg producers from all over Peru were present.

Pronutrients to improve poultry productivity

Biovet S.A. and Adivet met with producers from this region to share the comprehensive benefits of their portfolio of products focused on intestinal welfare in layer poultry farming. Therefore, visitors were introduced to various aspects of the poultry sector, such as solutions for health challenges, nutritional factors, tools for eggshell quality, and many more. Our veterinary-technical team provided information on products that are essential for liver regeneration. They highlighted Alquernat Livol, which reduces the hepatotoxic effects of mycotoxins, free radicals, drugs and other substances and restores physiology after liver damage. The product, based on pronutrients of botanical origin, is able to improve productivity in poultry, whether they are breeders, layers or broilers.

Participants were also interested in pronutrients that improve egg shell weight and quality. Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras, a supplement developed by Biovet, is designed for laying hens to prevent eggshell quality problems, especially in periods of high temperatures that cause heat stress to the animals. It also prevents bone demineralisation.

Biovet is dedicating efforts to strengthen the layer poultry sector in Peru and globally with products specifically designed for layers and designed to improve the physiological conditions of the animal. APROHPERU 2023 created an important international forum where it was an honour to present our natural solutions that leave no residues in the animals and are excellent alternatives to antibiotics, thus playing a key role in animal welfare and the current challenges of the poultry industry.

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