OVUM line: natural solutions for layers

OVUM line: natural solutions for layers

OVUM line: natural solutions for layersBiovet S.A.’s line of natural products was presented at the XXXV International Biovet Symposium

Last Thursday, June 17, 2021, in the second session of the XXXV International Symposium, Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui, Biovet’s veterinarian, presented the company’s OVUM product line. People from 18 countries, the United States, Central America and Latin America participated in the Spanish session. The session in English had attendees from 24 countries, most of the participants coming from Asia, Europe and Africa.

The egg is one of the best foods that exists for human consumption, due to its nutritional value and excellent bioavailability.

World egg production is 76 million tons. The world’s average egg consumption is 161 eggs per year. More and more, the consumer is demanding better quality eggs and preferences for eggs that come from cage-free and organically produced hens are increasing.

At Biovet S.A. we have developed natural products specifically designed for layers, encompassed within the OVUM line, which aim to improve the quality of chicken eggs. Aval Premium, Alquernat Nebsui, Alquerfeed Layers, Alquermold Natural and Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras are some of the products that make up this line.

Products from the OVUM line of Biovet S.A.

Aval Premium is a nutritional supplement that contains pronutrients, vitamins and amino acids. Pronutrients help intestinal development and welfare, improve liver physiology and help maintain the balance of the digestive microbiota, in addition to acting as an immune booster. The improvement of welfare and digestive physiology translates into greater absorption at the intestinal level and, consequently, these pronutrients improve the internal quality of the egg thanks to increasing the obtaining of nutrients. Egg pigmentation is a very important characteristic for the consumer and its alteration indicates some physiological or nutritional deficiency. Studies have shown that, using Aval Premium, a better pigmentation is ensured, thanks to a greater use of carotenoids from food, and a better internal and external quality of the egg.

Alquernat Nebsui, contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients that improve the intestinal welfare of the bird. Intestinal integrity can be affected by different factors, such as toxins, dysbacteriosis or mycotoxins. Based on a meta-genetic mechanism, the product stimulates the production of functional protein by the enterocytes, improving the structure of the intestinal epithelium. This results in a greater digestibility and absorption of nutrients.

Alquerfeed Layers is composed of mineral metabolism optimizer pronutrients that improve the absorption of minerals, calcium and other minerals at the intestinal level.

Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras P and L are supplements made up of minerals and vitamins intended for commercial laying hens to improve the eggshell, especially in conditions of heat stress, when the formation of the eggshell may be in danger due to a reduction in the levels of calcium available for its production. Avoid bone demineralization during periods of high temperatures (broilers, hens).

Finally, Alquermold Natural is a natural preservative with an intestinal microbiocidal effect, which contains cimenol ring and citric acid. This natural antimicrobial has a broad spectrum (Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium) and is effective for up to 6 months.

In conclusion, the products of the OVUM line of Biovet S.A. allow to improve the production and quality of the eggs and reduce the negative effect caused by heat stress, intestinal dysbiosis or mineral deficiencies. In addition, the use of these products has been shown to be effective in reducing the percentage of dirty eggs and broken eggs and preventing bone demineralization.

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