Reduction of environmental ammonia to improve productivity on farms

Reduction of environmental ammonia to improve productivity on farms

Reduction of ammonia on farmsOn May 27, 2021, Biovet S.A. hosted a videoconference on how to reduce environmental ammonia in pig and poultry farms to improve productivity.

During the talk, the problem of ammonia, its effect on pig and poultry production, health and animal welfare was detailed. Natural additives, such as Alquernat Yucca from Biovet S.A., are suitable products to help reduce ammonia levels on farms.

Effects of ammonia on animal production

Ammonia is a toxic, irritating gas that can accumulate on farms and affect air quality, productivity, and animal welfare.

The effects that ammonia has on animals depend on the concentration and time of exposure. It can have irritating effects on the mucous membranes and cause respiratory, digestive, eye and skin diseases. Ammonia levels should not exceed 20 ppm and even a smaller amount can have negative effects. If the level is higher, it can harm both animals and farm workers.

A high level of ammonia can cause disease and increase the mortality of animals, also affecting productivity on farms.

Performing a periodic control of ammonia levels and establishing preventive measures is key to ensure the optimization of the farm and animal welfare.

How to reduce ammonia levels on the farm?

Alquernat Yucca is a natural product based on yucca sp. extract and cimenol ring that prevents the accumulation of high concentrations of ammonia.

It is a unique solution that, beside containing saponins and phenolic compounds, contains a cimenol ring, which adds value to the product, since it enhances the limited antimicrobial activity of saponins. Therefore, it controls ammonia levels (reduction of up to 90%) and improves productive performance.

In different field trials has been demonstrated the efficacy of Alquernat Yucca by evaluating the level of ammonia in pig and poultry farms that have used the product.

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