Conference on the multifunctional Alquermix at the Symposium on Gut Health

Conference on the multifunctional Alquermix at the Symposium on Gut Health

The talk will present a trial which compares the use of Alquermix in relation to conventional additives

From November 4th to 6th 2019 Sant Louis (Missouri) will hold the Symposium on Gut Health in production of food animals. During the exhibition, Biovet will present a conference on a trial carried out with the multifunctional Alquermix for broilers. The conference will be given on Wednesday November 6th at 8 a.m. by Dr. Julia Pié, veterinarian of Biovet S.A.

Alquermix is a multifunctional additive that contains nine products such as mycotoxin binders, preservatives, enzymes, probiotics and pronutrients. It should be noted that Alquermix can replace these additives usually added in feed. Furthermore, its formula can be adjusted to the needs of every productive stage and specie.

The trial was carried out in 2018 at the Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Perú) and it compared the use of Alquermix to conventional additives. Production parameters, carcass performance and percentage of abdominal fat, the relative weight and the macroscopic lesions of the digestive organs and the integrity of intestinal villi and intestinal crypts were evaluated.

248 Cobb 500  broilers were used. The control batch animals were fed a basal diet with conventional additives, on the other hand, the treated batch was fed Alquermix.

Referring to production parameters, the batch supplemented with Alquermix presented a greater weight gain and less feed consumption. In that sense, it achieved a better conversion rate. With regard to the digestive organs, the control batch obtained a greater liver and pancreas weight and more intestinal mucus, facts that can be attributed to higher overall intestinal weight. Whereas the Alquermix batch achieved a lower liver and intestinal relative weigh, which is correlated with a greater efficacy of these organs.

About Gut Health Symposium

The aim of this meeting is to discuss the role of good health in animal production and the dynamic and essential role the gut plays in it. Itwill include all species in animal agriculture and cover different aspects and important factors in gut health maintenance. The exhibition will provide a platform to present the latest research findings, from the fundamental aspects of defining and measuring gut health to the complex and interactive roles of the intestinal microbiota, intestinal epithelium, immune cells, and nutrition in modern animal production.



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