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Participation in the OVUM and scientific meeting at UCSUR

From 9th to 11th October, Biovet S.A. attended the OVUM 2019 to present its natural solution to Latin America countries. The exhibition was held in Lima (Peru) and the main customers of the laboratory were received at the booth. Finally, the trip was closed with a training day on Scientific Methodology and Regulation in animal nutrition that was held at the Universidad Cientifica del Sur on Saturday, October 12.

The Ovum was the XXVI Latin-American Poultry Congress and this year was based in Lima. One more year, Biovet participated in the exhibition with a booth where received those interested and the main customers of Biovet in Latin America from Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Peru, among others.

In the booth, the team of Biovet presented the last researches and new applications of Biovet’s products. The natural preservative, Alquermold Natural, was one of the products that aroused most interest. The product is used as a bactericide and fungicide and its use prevents the appearance of infectious diseases on feed.

This time, trials made in Asia with Alquermold Natural were presented. They were focused on the prevention and treatment of Necrotic Enteritis, one of the biggest problems of American continent poultry farms.

Scientific meeting at UCSUR

The trip was closed with a training day on Scientific Methodology held at the facilities of Universidad Científica del Sur were about 70 attendees participated. The event was structured in three conferences that detailed important aspects to consider in poultry: avian pathology, the use of old foods and regulatory frameworks in the field of natural additives.

First, Dr. David Diez was in charge of the conference ‘Avian Pathology’. In it, he detailed the main diseases that can affect poultry farms and what mechanisms can be activated to prevent and treat them.

He was followed by the conference of Belén Folgueras, head of the animal nutrition section in the Generalitat de Catalunya. Her talk entitled ‘Use of old foods in animal feed’ dealt with the importance of reusing food for human consumption that can be used in animal feed. The use of these derivative products can help improve sustainability and reduce production costs on farms.

Finally, Roberto Minetti, from Senasa Argentina, was in charge of closing the conferences with the talk ‘Functional additives and their regulatory mechanisms’. It addressed the use of functional foods and natural additives and the current regulatory framework that is being developed to be able to legislate this novel trend.

The event closed with an exhibition of ‘Caballo de Paso Peruano’ and a visit to the experimental farms of layers and broilers of the University.


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