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Effect of Alquernat Inmuplus on genetic expression at the Allen D. Leman Conference

Biovet presented a poster at the Minnesota congress focused on the pig industry

On September 15, Biovet S.A. participated in the Allen D. Leman Conference presenting a poster about the effect of Alquernat Inmuplus on genetic expression in immunostimulant cells and its relationship to increased resistance against infection respiratory reproductive syndrome (PRRS).

The poster detailed a trial carried out with the aim of determining which genes have greater expression after the application of Alquernat Inmuplus and, therefore, identify those specific proteins that are stimulated by their synthesis and those that are inhibited.

For it, the study performs a cell culture, with pig alveolar macrophages, treated with the natural immunostimulant Alquernat Inmuplus.  The results are compared with an untreated control cell culture and with the data present in the literature about gene expression of alveolar macrophages.

The results show that the genes that are stimulated are those related to a better function of the immune system and to the functions of macrophage cells. In addition, the work showed that the culture treated with Alquernat Inmuplus inhibits genes related to a greater susceptibility to the PRRS virus, thus creating more resistance to this disease.

Alquernat Inmuplus is a natural immunostimulant pronutrient-based product for poultry and pig farms. It can be administered to young and adult animals, improving the effectiveness of their immune system and significantly reducing mortality.

The poster was presented as part of the Allen D. Leman Conference conferences held annually in Minnesota. It is an educational conference focused on the swine industry internationally recognized for providing science-based solutions to the challenges facing the industry. Each year, hundreds of participants from more than 20 countries, including pig veterinarians and other professionals working in swine production and animal health management, attend the Leman Swine Conference.

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