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Biovet obtains the eco-certification

The certificate guarantees that facilities and manufacturing procedures comply with organic production regulations

In June, Biovet S.A. has received the eco-certification, which guarantees that its products have been produced, processed, packed and commercialized according to the European Union environmental legislation.

In issuing such certification, the competent regional administration – Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE) –allows Biovet to elaborate its eco-friendly product lines. This type of production has the objective of producing quality and residues-free products whilst minimizing human footprint on the environment. In doing so, feed elaborated under organic requirements use natural sources respectful with nature, which preserving biodiversity.

CCPAE: the issuing authority in Catalonia

This certification is granted by the CCPAE and supervised by the Catalan Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing, which ensures that European regulations are complied satisfactorily.

CCPAE’s staff members review the requests and audit the companies annually to verify that their procedures comply with current legislation. In addition, products certified as ECO must be properly labeled with the logo and denomination designed by the CCPAE.

Therefore, those products including official references and images are a seal that guarantees they have been produced according to the European Union regulations on environment and animal welfare.

Organic Biovet products

From now on, Biovet has specific facilities for the production of organic certified lines. Customers can order mycotoxin-binders, preservatives, pronutrients, nutritionals, enzymatics, antioxidants, digestives, flavor enhancers, multifunctionals, fishing and pet lines in its eco format.

Now that the certification has been granted, the company goes one step forward in its goal of producing natural additives respectful with the environment and that help reducing the use of antibiotics and chemicals in animal nutrition.



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