Fertile egg production increase with Alquernat Nebsui

Fertile egg production increase with Alquernat Nebsui

Pronutrients that act as intestinal conditioners promote intestinal health by the optimization of the enterocyte’s physiology. They promote the regeneration of the digestive mucosa and increase the resistance to suffer from infections.


The objective of the trial is to evaluate if the improvement of the digestive functioning produced by intestinal conditioner pronutrients can reduce the incidence of dirty fertile eggs in a broiler breeders farm.


Intestinal conditioner pronutrients were added in feed at a dose rate of 0.5 kg/t, from week 25 to 34 of age, in a batch with 15900 birds. Another batch of 14840 birds was used as a control, which received the same diet, but without the pronutrients. The following percentages were evaluated weekly: fertile eggs, clean fertile eggs and recoverable eggs (which corresponds to the dirty eggs that can be cleaned and recoverable for breeding).


Intestinal conditioner pronutrients: increase in egg production

The batch with pronutrients obtained a higher percentage of fertile and clean eggs (+1.4% and +3.3%, respectively). In addition, the percentage of recoverable eggs diminished (-3.3%), thanks to the decrease in the incidence of dirty eggs.


The improvement of gut health thanks to intestinal conditioner pronutrients helped to decrease the incidence of dirty eggs and improved the percentage of fertile eggs in broiler breeders.

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients are marketed under the commercial name Alquernat Nebsui by Biovet, S.A.