The Alquermold line of natural preservatives registered in India

The Alquermold line of natural preservatives registered in India

Biovet S.A. Laboratories, manufacturer of natural additives for animal nutrition and health, has recently obtained the registration certificate of its Alquermold trademark in India. This product range is made up of preservatives. Among them, Alquermold Natural is made of plant extracts and can function as an intestinal biocide.

Hindu agri-food industry is directly conditioned by climatic factors marked by high temperatures and wet seasons – tropical and subtropical climates. These environmental characteristics can contribute to the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in raw materials and animal feed storage facilities.

Faced with this problem, husbandry industries in India require specific products to avoid feed microbiological contamination, which causes the loss of nutritional value and diseases related to its ingestion, negatively affecting production parameters.

Alquermold Natural: preservative with bactericidal and fungicidal properties

Alquermold Natural is an additive made of different plant extracts that have traditionally been used as natural preservatives. Its active ingredients – cimenol ring along with citric acid – act as feed bactericide and fungicide, preventing its deterioration, the appearance of infectious diseases and mycosis, and avoid the proliferation of mycotoxins. Alquermold Natural can also be used as an intestinal biocide as it eliminates pathogenic microorganisms that can cause imbalances in the intestinal flora and lead to digestive pathologies.

On one hand, the cimenol ring acts on microorganisms’ cell membrane with the help of citric acid, which eases the penetration into the pathogenic cells, causing the death of the microorganism. On the other hand, this natural preservative promotes the balance of the intestinal flora, avoiding the proliferation of pathogens such as Salmonella, E.coli, Clostridium, Staphylococcus or Aspergillus.

Alquermold natural is marketed in premix format to be mixed with feed and in liquid format, which can be sprayed on feed or supplied in drinking water. This product is preferable to the use of organic acids since its handling is harmless for livestock farms’ personnel. Moreover, this natural preservative effectively eliminates all pathogenic bacteria and fungus and does not lose efficacy over time.


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