Biovet S.A will present its latest innovations at IPPE 2019

Biovet S.A will present its latest innovations at IPPE 2019

Biovet S.A Laboratories, company manufacturing of natural additives, will present its latest innovations at the International Production & Processing Expo. The IPPE will be held from 12th to 14th February, 2019 in Atlanta, GA, US and it is expected to attract more than 30.000 attendees, who will find Biovet S.A. at booth A2702, at the Hall A.

Attendees who visit Biovet S.A. will be able to obtain precise information on the latest innovations developed by their R + D + i Department. Specifically, with respect to patents and registrations: an invention patent in the mycotoxin field, the concession in the US of the Alquernat Nebsui patent and the US registration of Biovet, Alquermold Natural and Alquernat Nebsui brands. Regarding field trials: the results of a study to examine the effects of Alquermold Natural as a preventive and clinical treatment during the peak of a necrotic enteritis (NE) challenge and, in relation to product development: the new version of the Alquernat Yucca product L, with pronutrients and cimenol ring.


On November 28th, 2018, the granting of the patent for the invention of the procedure for evaluating the capacity of mycotoxin adsorption in monogastric and polygastric animals was published. The present invention relates to the field of mycotoxin analytics. The patented procedure aims to mimic the route of the food bolus through the digestive system of animals, both in terms of the different values of intestinal pH, and the absorption system at the epithelium level of the enterocytes.

On the other hand, the product patent Alquernat Nebsui, formulated based on pronutrients that improve digestive physiology, has been granted in the US, dated October 30th, 2018 and the presence of Biovet S.A. in the North American market has been strengthened with the approval of the registration of Biovet, Alquermold Natural (natural preservative) and Alquernat Nebsui (intestinal conditioning pronutrients) brands.


In 2018, a study was conducted at the Southern Poultry Research Group (SPGR) USA, which examined the effects of Alquermold Natural, a natural preservative with a cimenol ring, given in the diet of birds continuously (as a preventive treatment) against its use as a clinical treatment in drinking water for seven days, during the peak of challenge of necrotic enteritis (NE).

The conclusions of the study emphasize that the preventive treatment with Alquermold Natural made broilers perform as well or even better than birds that were not NE challenged. Explained numerically, for 1,000,000 broilers up to 42 days, preventive treatment with natural preservative based on cimenol ring can increase meat production by 90 tons and reduce food consumption by 83 tons.

On the other hand, the conclusions also highlight that after infestation, Alquermold Natural in oral solution could prevent the increase in FCR.


Also, during this year, Biovet S.A. has designed a new version of Alquernat Yucca L, which contains extract of Yucca spp. and as novelty it incorporates cimenol ring. The result is a nutritional supplement with greater antimicrobial activity, which therefore markedly reduces ammonia concentrations in farms.

Ammonia (NH3) is a toxic gas produced mainly by bacteria present in excrements and the digestive tract. Among other negative consequences, it causes irritation of the respiratory tract and, therefore, reduction of the productive parameters. It is important in intensive livestock farms, since high concentrations of ammonia in the environment can reach harmful levels.

The IPPE fair is the fusion of three commercial exhibitions: International Exhibition of Balanced Foods for Animals, International Poultry Expo and the International Meat Exhibition- which represent the complete chain of production and processing of protein.


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