Alquernat Nebsui patent, granted in the USA

Alquernat Nebsui patent, granted in the USA

The patent of Alquernat Nebsui, formulated with pronutrients that improve digestive physiology, has been granted in the US, dated October 30th, 2018. This product has been developed by the manufacturer of additives of natural origin Biovet S.A. In the early 90’s Biovet SA developed a full catalogue of natural feed additives for animal feed to replace antibiotics and chemicals mantaining or even improving productive parameters. Specifically, Alquernat Nebsui is a product that acts as an intestinal conditioner.

The numerous trials developed by Biovet SA in collaboration with universities worldwide and producers of swine and poultry have shown that pronutrients are bioactive molecules that, if they are present in the feed of animals, will be capable of improving animal physiology, through the increase in gene expression. Consequently, when applied in poultry, swine and aquaculture, they are able to improve animal health while maintaining the productive and economic parameters.


An intestinal conditioner is a substance that improves or maintains the physiology of the intestine, and therefore improves the digestibility of the food, the absorption of nutrients and the balance of the intestinal flora. Its effects are based on: it stimulates the regeneration of enterocytes; it controls the growth of pathogens in the intestine; it improves intestinal absorption; it can replace or complement antibiotic growth promoters.

Enterocytes are the target cells of the pronutrients that make up Alquernat Nebsui. These pronutrients stimulate the functionality of the ribosomes of enterocytes and, therefore, the synthesis of functional proteins and the activity of the cell.

In this way, part of these functional proteins improves the absorption of nutrients (vitamins and amino acids stand out) and other functional proteins stimulate the regeneration of enterocytes and, therefore, of the intestinal mucosa, and improve the digestibility of feed, the absorption of nutrients by improving the absorption surface of the intestine; and control the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

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