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Commercial visits in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

At the beginning of March, Eng. Aldo Ramírez, representative of Biovet S.A., made a technical-commercial trip to 2 Central American countries: Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

During a week, meetings were held with distributors and customers, with the aim of expanding the product portfolio in the area.

A sector in continuous growth, in addition to poultry and pig farming, is represented by aquaculture, which is of great importance in the region.

Additives based on pronutrients for aquaculture

The products of the Alquernat line, based on pronutrients, act on the target cells of the fish, to enhance the immune system, as well as the digestibility and absorption of nutrients.

Trials carried out on tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) have demonstrated the efficiency of Alquernat Inmuplus, showing better results in post-vaccination mortality, mortality in the fattening cycle and in the feed conversion rate.

Using Alquernat Inmuplus, the general immunity of tilapia, both healthy and possibly sick or immunodepressed, is improved, and the specific immune response generated by vaccination is improved. This translates into an improvement in productive and economic parameters and in less expenses on antimicrobial treatments.

On the other hand, a trial recently carried out in China, on turbot, with Alquernat Nebsui, shows that supplemented in feed can improve the final weight of turbot (+14%) and the survival rate (+5%). It also significantly improves the height of turbot’s intestinal villi, the thickness of the muscular layer of the intestine and the integrity of the intestinal wall, thus effectively reducing the occurrence of enteritis.

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