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Biovet’s article in Feed and Additive Magazine

Our article, detailing the efficacy of the natural antimicrobial Alquermold Natural, has been published in the August issue of the International Magazine for Animal Feed & Additives Industry.

Biovet’s paper, Natural Antimicrobial Against Major Pathogens, Including Salmonella, demonstrates the effect of Alquermold Natural against Clostridium, E. coli, and Salmonella, which cause feed alteration and major animal disorders.

In vitro trials carried out in several independent laboratories proved that the plant-based additive Alquermold Natural is a highly effective broad-spectrum microbicide which acts as a feed preservative. In addition, it does not affect beneficial microorganisms in the intestine once it reaches the digestive tract while controlling the proliferation of intestinal pathogens. The completely natural product is safe to use, does not cause any harm to machinery, animals, or workers, and leaves no residues in animal products.

Results showed that after seven days of using Alquermold Natural, Clostridium was reduced by more than 85.8%, E. coli by 99.7%, and Salmonella by 99% in corn and feed. The comparative trial also concluded that the effect of Biovet’s natural additive is “superior even half the dose than the other products tested whether at moderate or high contamination.”

Alquermold Natural does not represent an additional cost as it can substitute several types of products: it works as a feed preservative, prevents infectious diseases, and reduces the presence of pathogens such as Clostridium, E. coli, Salmonella, among others. With its usage, more tons of meat and eggs can be produced, while feed consumption and alteration are reduced significantly.

Read our article here.

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