Technical-commercial visit of Doctor’s Agrovet in Tarragona

Technical-commercial visit of Doctor’s Agrovet in Tarragona

Visita tecnico comercial Doctor's Agrovet

In the month of July, Biovet S.A. received in Tarragona representatives of its distributor in Bangladesh, Doctor’s Agrovet. The meetings held during their trip had the objective to analyze the current situation of the animal industry in Bangladesh and establish lines of future collaboration.

Dr. Rafiul Karim and Dr. Tusar Chowdhury were the representatives who visited our headquarters on this occasion on behalf of Doctor’s Agrovet. From Biovet side Drs. Anna Tesouro and David Díez, and the president of the company, Dr. Jaime Borrell, attended the meetings.

Prevent microbiological contamination in feed, a key issue for Bengali producers

During the meeting the agreement between both companies was updated and renewed and they also assess future business strategies. In addition, in the meeting especial attention was paid to the prevention of microbiological contamination in raw material and feed, as well as appropriate management techniques for a good preservation of feed.

Bangladesh is characterized by having a climate with very high temperatures and high percentages of humidity, this favors the appearance of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in the crop, collection and storage of the feed used in animal production.

That is why it is recommended to use Alquermold Natural, a product developed by Biovet S.A., that helps to prevent the appearance of these contaminants as it is a natural preservative with bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Its use prevents the deterioration of the feed and the presence of microorganisms that can affect the welfare of the animals and the profitability of the farm.

The product is very well received in the Bengali market due to its properties and effectiveness in this sector. In addition, as it is a totally natural product, it does not leave residues, does not require withdrawal period and its use is safe for both workers and animals.


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