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Individual seminars for Biovet distributors at VIV Asia 2023

Biovet S.A. participates one more year in VIV Asia 2023

Biovet S.A. will participate, one more year, in VIV Asia 2023. Between March 8 and 10, Biovet’s technical-commercial team will be present at booth No. 3430 of the Impact congress center, in Bangkok.

In addition of attending the public present and answering questions about Biovet products, our team will meet with distributors and customers from all over the world, in private meetings.

Customized themes for South Asia

During the 3 days of the fair, the newest Biovet products will be presented, the mechanism of action and the part of scientific development and research behind it.

Exclusive seminars will be organized for distributors in South Asia, where topics of interest to this area will be addressed, based on the needs of the farms and the diseases they are confronting with.

Southeast Asia has a tropical climate (15ºC-35ºC) with high rainfall. The high humidity and temperature conditions in the region are two key factors for the survival and development of coccidia throughout the year.

For this reason, one of the main topics of the seminars will be the prevention of coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a very frequent intestinal parasitosis in poultry production worldwide, which generates large production losses, but Biovet offers natural solutions to prevent this disease.

Pronutrients, active molecules of botanical origin, are a widely known natural solution in the Asian market that improve the five key parameters for coccidiosis control: improve zootechnical results, reduce the prevalence of diarrhea and the spread of oocysts, and improve gut physiology.

Intestinal conditioners and optimizers pronutrients are developed and manufactured by Biovet S.A. under the name Alquernat Coneb and Alquernat Zycox.

The conservation of food and the prevention of mycotoxicosis are also among the topics of interest to customers and distributors in the area. Alquermold Natural, the natural preservative with bactericidal and fungicidal activity, and Alquerfeed Antitox, the mycotoxin binder based on Silicoglycidol, will be the stars of these talks.

In addition, customers will have the opportunity to learn about Biovet’s technical services and discover the services of the “Δ Labs” laboratory, focused on the microbiological analysis of feed and mycotoxin analysis.

We are waiting for you at booth No. 3430 of the Impact congress center in Bangkok, where our technical-veterinary team will have the pleasure of assisting you.


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