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Combined use of Biovet’s products in broiler chickens

products in broiler chickens

Biovet S.A. presented in a videoconference its line of products for broilers and the benefits of using them in combination.

Broilers are characterized by their rapid weight gain, which goes together with the intestinal welfare and the quality of the feed supplied. Therefore, it is recommended to optimize the utilization of these nutrients to improve the feed conversion rate.

In that regard, a correct selection and combination of feed additives according to the situation of each farm should be done. These products allow to improve intestinal welfare and guarantee excellent feed conversion, product quality, safety, and reduce environmental impact.

Biovet S.A. products intended to be used continuously

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungi that contaminate broiler feed. These harmful substances have an impact on the digestive system, internal organs, and the immune system of the poultry, making them susceptible to other diseases. For this reason, Biovet S.A. offers Alquerfeed Antitox, a mycotoxin binder based on Silicoglycidol molecule. This patented molecule protects against a broad spectrum of mycotoxins and works along the digestive tract of broilers.

Additionally, the feed can be contaminated with microorganisms that affect its quality. Alquermold Natural is a preservative composed of cimenol ring and citric acid with microbiocidal properties, broad-spectrum, immediate, and prolonged efficacy. This product preserves feed and acts as a natural antimicrobial against pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract of broilers, thereby preventing infections such as necrotic enteritis.

For the control of rapid transit in poultry, Biovet S.A. has developed Alquerfeed Diatom, a product based on activated diatoms of the genera Thalassiosira and Actinoptychus, which are microscopic algae exoskeletons with pores that capture water, reducing the volume of the digestive bolus in the poultry. In addition, they acidify the intestinal environment, thus improving absorption processes. This process slows down the intestinal transit of the poultry and increases the retention time of the feed in the digestive tract, improving the absorption of nutrients.

On the other hand, the use of Alquernat Nebsui is recommended, which contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients that stimulate the regeneration of enterocytes and their functioning, improving digestion and nutrient absorption in broilers.

Finally, Alquernat Zycox contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients that stimulate the local immune system of the intestine for the control of coccidiosis in poultry. In this way, the immune cells interrupt their life cycle and prevent damage to the intestinal mucosa.

Biovet’s products for broilers with the possibility of use in specific periods

In addition to the continuous program for broiler production, Biovet S.A. offers other products designed to prevent problems at specific moments, as is the case of Alquermold Natural L. This product allows the control of pathologies such as hepatoenteritis toxic infectious and necrotic enteritis, reducing the intestinal bacterial load and the severity of the infection in broilers.

Additionally, Alquernat Inmuplus L is indicated in cases of vaccine failures preventing broilers are unprotected against various pathologies. This product improves the innate and adaptive immune response to create antibodies and strengthen the immunity of the poultry.

On the other hand, Alquernat Livol L recovers liver physiology after a challenge by stimulating protein synthesis, promoting hepatocyte renewal, regulating its metabolism, and favoring the elimination of toxins and free radicals.

Among the vitamin products offered by Biovet S.A. for producers is Aval Premium, which provides vitamins and minerals focused on poultry initiation or stress periods. There is also Aval 9, which contains pronutrients and biotin, ideal to prevent plantar lesions. In addition, there are Alquerfeed Layers that provide calcium and prevent bone problems and Alquerfeed Esevital that provides Vitamin E and Selenium.

To design an additive program adapted to farm conditions, Biovet offers Global Vet’s Lab services to its customers. That includes microbiological and mycotoxin analysis of feed, diagnostic by images, diet analysis and zootechnical programs to improve poultry production and identify challenges that may affect poultry production.


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