Intestinal welfare in poultry and pig farms, lead the International Symposium for China

Intestinal welfare in poultry and pig farms, lead the International Symposium for China

Intestinal welfare in poultry and pig farms, lead the International Symposium for China

The congress was held in online format on 23rd of September 2021

The International Symposium for China was held on 23rd of September in online format by Zoom. The congress was organized by Biovet S.A. and Beijing Chengzhi Zhonghe, in collaboration with Veterinaria Digital.

Dra. Júlia Pié, veterinarian from Biovet’s technical team, gave the first conference describing the challenges faced by the digestive system of poultry and pigs. Among the most important, she highlighted those caused by microorganisms, mycotoxins or nutritional deficiencies.

The digestive system is key to achieve efficiency on a farm. Thus, it is extremely important to maintain intestinal welfare and diseases prevention at that level to achieve optimal production parameters and maintain adequate standards for food safety.

Alquermold Natural, natural antimicrobial to control microorganisms in the digestive system

In the second conference, Dra. Pié, presented Alquermold Natural, a natural product developed by Biovet S.A. with bactericide and fungicide properties. Its effectiveness is based on the synergy between cimenol ring, active compound of botanical origin, and acid citric, effective as a natural preservative for feed and as a digestive antimicrobial, which reduce the microbial load in the intestine. In addition, it is a totally natural product that does not create resistances, does not require withdrawal period and it is safe for the animals and workers.

Then, Dr. Maria Soriano presented a conference on mycotoxin risk management. She highlighted the injuries that mycotoxins can cause in the digestive tract and how the mycotoxin binder, Alquerfeed Antitox, can help in their prevention. Alquerfeed Antitox is composed of Silicoglycol, a molecule patented in 1988 by Biovet S.A. This mycotoxin binder is highly effective against all types of mycotoxins, it is effective at low doses (0.5 kg / t) and has a selective binding property of only mycotoxins, so it does not interact with other components of the diet, such as vitamins or nutrients.

Alquernat Nebsui and AVAL 9 to maximize nutritional intake in poultry and pigs

After this conference, Dr. David Díez, veterinarian from Biovet’s technical team, presented the intestinal conditioners pronutrients. These molecules of botanical origin can improve the physiology and structure of the digestive mucosa. Thanks to this, the absorption of nutrients and the defensive function are enhanced, making it a highly effective product to maintain intestinal welfare.

The congress ended with a lecture by Dr. Zhang, from Beijing Chengzhi Zhonghe, who exposed the problems that nutritional deficiencies can cause. Specifically, he focused on a challenge related to intestinal welfare, such as plantar lesions in birds. These lesions can be prevented with the use of AVAL 9, a vitamin supplement that contains biotin, an essential element for the correct integrity of the epithelia.

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