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Third day of the XL Biovet International Symposium 2024

Avian pathologies and the latest trials on the third day of the Symposium

The third day of the Symposium focused on trials in broiler chickens, in pregnant and lactating sows and also in aquaculture, with studies in tilapia.

Dr. David Díez presented the most frequent and relevant pathologies in poultry farming, for which Biovet products offer natural solutions.

Relevant avian pathologies.
Dr. David Díez (Biovet)

The efficacy of Alquernat Nebsui in broiler chickens was demonstrated in an experimental test in Colombia, compared to 3 competing products. Based on these results, a commercial trial was carried out on farms, between December 2023 and February 2024. The production parameters with Alquernat Nebsui were higher than those previously obtained throughout the year, one batch even exceeded the results of the experimental test.

Efficacy of Alquernat Nebsui in broilers, Colombia.
Dr. Alfonso Díaz (INPSAS, Colombia)

In aquaculture, trials were carried out with Alquernat Immuplus in tilapia, which demonstrated the improvement of fish immunity with the help of pronutrients. The experiment was carried out at the Universidad Científica del Sur, in Peru, and the results were an increase in final weight and biomass gain of more than 10%, daily growth of approximately 2.4% and improvement in feed efficiency of more than 9%.

Efficacy of Alquernat Immuplus on productive performance and immunity in tilapia.
Eng. Alfredo Rubén Palomino (UCSUR, Perú)

The presentation days ended with the exposure on Alquerfeed Diatom in sows. The trial was carried out on a commercial farm in Arequipa, Peru, with 300 breeding sows. The results were a 9.05% improvement in intestinal transit time, improvements in nutrient digestibility, improved litter size and litter weight at birth, and a reduction in piglet mortality during lactation of 5.7%.

Efficacy of Alquerfeed Diatom on pregnant and lactating sows.
Dr. Alexander Obando (Universidad Católica Santa María de Arequipa)

During the 3 days of conferences, participants had the opportunity to share experiences and scientific information and to learn from top researchers about the products developed by Biovet.

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