Biovet obtains the patent of Alquernat Nebsui in Colombia

Biovet obtains the patent of Alquernat Nebsui in Colombia

The product, suitable for use in poultry, swine and aquaculture, contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients that promote intestinal welfare

Recently, the Industry and Commerce Superintendency of the Government of Colombia has approved the patent of Alquernat Nebsui. The product, based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients, has been developed and registered by Biovet S.A.

Alquernat Nebsui is part of the product line based on pronutrients of Biovet S.A. These are botanical origin molecules capable of stimulating and improving animal physiology by increasing gene expression. Its use in poultry, swine and aquaculture allows the proper functioning of the organs, improving the productive parameters of the farm and animal welfare. In addition, as they are natural products, they allow the substitution of chemical additives in animal feed, they are totally safe, they do not create resistance or residues and do not require withdrawal period.

Improve intestinal welfare with Alquernat Nebsui

Specifically, Alquernat Nebsui is an intestinal conditioner that promotes the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa and improves the integrity of the intestinal epithelium. In such a way that the product improves the digestibility of the food, increases the absorption of nutrients and maintains the balance of the intestinal flora.

Field trials in Colombia demonstrate the effectiveness of Alquernat Nebsui in poultry farms

In the same country, multiple field tests have been carried out in order to evaluate the effectiveness of Alquernat Nebsui in different species and types of production.

For example, it has been tested in broilers to replace bacitracin and halquinol, two antibiotics growth promoters widely used in the country, where the Biovet product obtained better productive yields (+145 g / bird, 8.3% better conversion rate). In addition, in this trial, Alquernat Nebsui managed to improve other parameters such as carcass quality (5% higher percentage of breast) and pigmentation of the skin and tarsi of the birds, compared to the combined use of the two promoters.

On the other hand, the indicators of digestive physiology and the histological study of the intestinal mucosa showed that Alquernat Nebsui is the most effective solution to prevent inflammatory processes that take place in the digestive epithelium caused by poorly digestible ingredients, which gives rise to an improved digestion of food and utilization of the diet.

Other tests have been carried out in layers, breeder hens and pigs, both in the weaning and finishing phase, in order to evaluate the improvement in the productive parameters through the use of Alquernat Nebsui. For more information about these tests, contact us at

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