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Biovet International Symposium 2021

Biovet International Symposium 2021

Next Thursday March 18, Biovet S.A. will hold the Biovet International Symposium. This time recent studies on preservatives, mycotoxin binders and enzymes will be presented.

The Biovet Research and Development team works every day to improve production parameters and animal nutrition. The goal is to develop efficient products that improve animal welfare and maintain productive performance of farms while promoting food safety. This task is completed by combining in vivo and in vitro trials with visits performed by clinicians and technicians on farms. This joint work ensures that the final product is going to be the best to suit our customers and distributors requirements.

The Biovet International Symposium is the space designed to disseminate and present the results of these studies to distributors, customers and collaborators. An international forum created to discuss the quality of feed for animals intended for human consumption.

March 18, Biovet International Symposium 2021

On March 18th the Sympsium 2021 will be held at 8:30 am (Spanish time zone) in English; and at 3:30 pm (Spanish time zone) in Spanish.

The results of a new solution tested in poultry to reduce microbial load will be presented. The presence of such microorganisms in products for human consumption poses a threat for public health.

In addition, there will be presented a trial about preservatives. The test was recently carried out in a pig farm and it studies the impact of the intestinal welfare improvement on production parameters.

The importance of a multifactorial approach in the fight against mycotoxins will also be discussed, with the use of mycotoxin binders that prevent the absorption of these toxins and, at the same time, promote detoxification of the organism.

Finally, different enzymatic products for the digestion of carbohydrates in diets for broilers will be compared.

In the coming weeks, information regarding the program and format of the event will be expanded.


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