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Biovet will present the results of two trials about natural preservatives and pronutrients at the IPSF

The conferences will explain the effects of Alquermold Natural and Alquernat Coneb on production performance in laying hens and broilers

Biovet S.A. will participate in the International Poultry Scientific Forum to be held online on January 25th and 26th 2021. In this edition, Biovet will present the results of two recent trials. Specifically, a trial about the use of Alquermold Natural to reduce microbial load in laying hens will be presented and a second trial that will describe the effects of Alquernat Coneb to naturally prevent coccidiosis in broilers.

Alquermold Natural, natural solution to reduce microbial load in laying hens

This year, Biovet will participate in the IPSF scientific forum with a study about the use of the natural preservativeAlquermold Natural, to reduce microbial load in laying hens. This natural antimicrobial reduces the growth of microorganisms that can affect the intestinal health and, therefore, reduce the percentage of dirty egg, which has a positive impact on public health. In addition, Alquermold Natural improves laying rate.

The trial was carried out in the experimental farm of the Universidad Científica del Sur (USCUR) and results showed that the batch with Alquermold Natural improved performance in rearing and laying stages thanks to a good balance of the digestive flora.

The conference is entitled “Use of a natural antimicrobial to replace organic acids and formaldehyde in feed for laying hens”.  The conference will be presented on 26th January at 8:15 am.

Alquernat Coneb, effective to improve intestinal integrity in broilers

On the other hand, Biovet will also present a second trial carried out in India about the effect of intestinal optimizer and conditioner pronutrients to improve intestinal integrity and prevent coccidiosis in broilers challenged with Eimeria spp . Alquernat Coneb is a product developed by Biovet S.A. which contains intestinal optimizer and conditioner pronutrients. It naturally prevents coccidiosis, since it stimulates local immunity in the intestines so that the animals can eliminate these parasites. It can replace chemical and ionophore coccidiostats, or be combined with them (shuttle programs or on top).

The trial evaluated the efficacy of the product, whether alone or in combination with salinomycin, and results were compared to those obtained with conventional coccidiostats (diclazuril and narasin). The assessed parameters were weight, feed conversion rate and survival rate. Alquernat Coneb was administered alone or combined with salinomycin, and obtained similar, and even better, results than conventional products. More specifically, weight in groups with Alquernat Coneb was between 152 and 82 more grams higher than the infected control, and feed conversion rate got improved between 4.5% and 2.8%, depending on the administration program of Alquernat Coneb. Besides, this solution has additional advantages, as it does not require a withdrawal period and does not create resistances.

The conference is entitled “Use of Alquernat Coneb alone and in combination with coccidiostats in experimentally challenged broilers with Eimeria spp.” The conference will be presented on 26th January at 08:30 am.

About the International Poultry Scientific Forum

The International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) is a scientific forum that presents information on industry topics such as environmental management, nutrition, physiology, pathology, processing and products, and avian diseases. It is sponsored by Southern Poultry Science Society, the Southern Conference on Avian Diseases, and U.S. Poultry & Egg Association.

The IPSF is held in Atlanta annually concurring with the IPPE (International Production & Procesing Expo). This year, due to the global pandemic,  the event has been replaced by IPPE Marketplace Week and will be held online.


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