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Alquernat Nebsui is a safe bet to improve poultry sector’s profitability

Alquernat Nebsui is a safe bet to improve poultry sector’s profitability

Alquernat Nebsui is an essential tool to reduce costs thanks to its well-known benefits for gut health

Farm profitability greatly depends on production performance. Therefore, optimizing productive parameters is essential, especially when the market conditions are not ideal.

In the last decades, genetic selection and standardized farm conditions led to a clear improvement of productivity in animal production. Additionally, antibiotics at subtherapeutic doses have been used to further improve the results.

Despite this, the development of microbial resistances, together with the presence of residues in animals, made it necessary to find solutions that maintain productivity without the disadvantages derived from using antibiotics as growth promoters.

Alquernat Nebsui to physiologically improve production performance

Natural solutions based on pronutrients, active molecules from plants, help to improve organ functioning. Alquernat Nebsui is a product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients that promotes the regeneration and activity of the digestive mucosa.

Adding this product to feed or water improves digestion and, therefore, feed utilization. This leads to an improvement of feed conversion, a decrease in feed expenses and greater weight gain and egg production.

In vitro studies show the beneficial effects of this product on the absorption of specific components such as vitamins and aminoacids, an important fact because these are expensive ingredients with essential functions for the organism.

Despite their completely different mechanism of action, Alquernat Nebsui can replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs). This is due to the ability of the product to improve the status of the digestive mucosa, which leads to an increased resistance to infections, so that animals are able to defend themselves and maintain the balance of the digestive flora. In addition, Alquernat Nebsui has a positive effect on nutrient absorption, which further improves productive performance.

Since it is a natural product that targets the animal cells, it has no disadvantages such as the presence of residues, the need for a withdrawal period and the development of resistances.

Data from several field trials demonstrate that Alquernat Nebsui can also be administered together with AGPs, as it does not interact with them or other compounds that may be present in the diets.

Using Alquernat Nebsui during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic that affects the world is having a significant effect on the agricultural sector. At the beginning, there was a high demand of specific products that, together with the difficulties in maintaining production, caused the shortage of these products. Then, the closure of restaurants and tourism limitations in some countries led to a decrease of the demand of animal products.

In the current times of instability of the sector, improvement of farm profitability is particularly important to increase benefits and easily adjust to the changing situation. This can be achieved by reducing costs and maximizing growth rates and productivity. For this, the use of Alquernat Nebsui is highly recommendable, since it helps to decrease feed expenses, prevent losses caused by digestive infections and obtain better-quality products in much less time.

Meat production and feed consumption per million broilers with Alquernat Nebsui in comparison with a control group

Alquernat Nebsui in the feed helped to produce 370 more tons of meat and save 374 tons of feed per million broilers.


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