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Alquernat Livol: essential for liver regeneration

Alquernat Livol: essential for liver regeneration

A complete recovery of the liver function is necessary to get back to the productive standards

The liver is one of the main points of the organism, as it is in charge of multiple essential functions such as protein synthesis, essential for the production of meat, eggs and immune effectors, as well as the metabolism of many nutrients and the elimination of residues. In addition, the liver also acts as a gate of entry for many substances that are absorbed in the gut. For this, productive success depends on the optimal status of this organ.

The liver is constantly under pressure

Because of its detoxifying function, the liver is constantly in contact with harmful substances such as mycotoxins and drugs from the feed, microorganisms and their toxins, and toxic metabolites that need to be eliminated. For this, it is probable that, during the productive cycle, the liver gets harmed by some of these substances.

Any factor that affects the liver functioning will negatively impact productive performance. To protect the liver, we must avoid the presence of toxic substances from the feed so that they cannot reach the liver and eliminate any problem such as hepatic infections.

What if the liver is affected already?

Liver protection is complex and multifactorial, and, because of it, we are often unable to effectively prevent liver damage. In this case, the initial cause of liver damage needs to be eliminated to help to recover the organ’s normal function as fast as possible. Sometimes, liver regeneration is not possible despite elimination the harmful factors and the hepatic physiology and productive performance remain at lower standards during all the productive cycle.

Alquernat Livol’s efficacy to regenerate the liver

Several laboratory and field trials proved that Alquernat Livol, a product based on pronutrients from a plant origin, can recover the liver physiology after an hepatic disorder, whether from toxic or infectious origin.

In this sense, this product was able to recover the cell function in hepatocyte cultures in contact with aflatoxins, which are hepatotoxic substances. The recovery was highly effective because treated cells showed more activity than cells without the toxic.

In the field, Alquernat Livol helped to recover productivity in birds, whether breeders, layers or broilers, and pigs. The recovery of the productive parameters was associated with an improvement of the indicators of liver function in serum, which confirmed the efficacy of the product.

In conclusion, Alquernat Livol is an effective tool to recover hepatic physiology and, therefore, productive standards in animals with liver disorders. This efficacy has been studied in vitro and in the field. Moreover, it is a natural product that acts physiologically, it does not require a withdrawal period and does not create resistances.

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