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Alquernat Nebsui, a key product for intestinal health

Alquernat Nebsui, a key product for intestinal health

Biovet S.A., through a pioneering trial, showed its effectiveness in the improvement of tight junctions between enterocytes

Both health and production performance are closely related to animal nutrition. One of the mechanisms of nutrient absorption in the intestine is through the paracellular pathway, where tight junctions between enterocytes have an essential role. These binding complexes are in charge of regulating the selective passage of molecules through the intercellular spaces between enterocytes, allowing the passage of nutrients, but avoiding the passage of toxics, antigens or other harmful substances.

However, tight junctions are sensitive to the variable conditions of intestinal lumen. These variations can alter the selective passage of molecules, and those that are undesirable or harmful could penetrate the organism.

In that sense, the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients has shown effective in the improvement of tight junctions and the paracellular permeability.

Factors which affect tight junctions

Tight junctions are sensitive to slight changes in the intestine and they are especially sensitive to inflammation. Any proinflammatory factor will cause variations in tight junctions and therefore paracellular permeability will be affected. Consequently, undesirable agents may penetrate the organism.

Among the different proinflammatory factors, the overgrowth of microorganisms, microbial toxins, mycotoxins, feed’s pH variations, or some irritating chemical products stand out.

Tight junctions’ improvement with Alquernat Nebsui

In Biovet S.A. we have carried out a pioneering trial on the improvement of tight junctions with Alquernat Nebsui, a product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients. These active molecules, from plant extracts, stimulate genes related to cell adhesion, among many others. This can be verified in the results of the trial, which was carried out adding the product on a cell culture and, compared with control batch, a decrease in paracellular permeability was observed. This is translated into a better adhesion between enterocytes and, as a consequence, better regulation of the passage of molecules through the paracellular pathway.

The added value of using Alquernat Nebsui

In addition to the improvement of tight junctions and, therefore, paracellular permeability, Alquernat Nebsui also increases the regeneration rate of enterocytes, so that they will be renewed more frequently. Due to this quick regeneration, they will be in better physiological conditions to deal with microorganisms, and, at the same time, their capacity for nutrient absorption will be enhanced.

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