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Improved calcium absorption and prevention of bone fragility thanks to Alquernat Magacal

Improved calcium absorption and prevention of bone fragility thanks to Alquernat Magacal

A new trial has proved the efficacy of this product to increase bone density in poultry

Calcium requirements in poultry, particularly in layers, are very high, because it is an essential element for the eggshell formation. It is also an important mineral for broilers, since it is necessary for the correct development and strength of the skeleton.

Cage fatigue syndrome is a frequent problem in highly productive laying hens, characterized by an inability to stand on their feet due to the fragility of their bones.   It appears when birds do not receive or absorb enough calcium from the diet and use the calcium stored in the bones.

Dietary calcium availability

To avoid this problem, diets for laying hens contain high concentrations of calcium. Despite this, calcium availability is often limited because it may, for example, be combined with phosphates.

For these reasons, phytases, enzymes that increase calcium utilization, are usually added to the feed.  Despite this, adding these compounds is not always enough to reach calcium requirements, and there is the need to use other alternatives that warranty more calcium absorption and, therefore, prevent bone fragility.

Alquernat Magacal: Naturally improving calcium absorption

The last trials conducted with Alquernat Magacal proved that the pronutrients in this product improve calcium absorption in the intestines to optimize it and prevent mineral deficiencies. Biovet described the mechanism of action of these pronutrients through molecular studies, which is based in the stimulation of certain genes of the enterocytes that are related to mineral absorption. In addition, multiple field trials have proved Alquernat Magacal’s efficacy in broilers and laying hens.

The most recent trial with this product, conducted in broilers, show that it improves bone density by at least 4%, which is related to bone strength. Moreover, the product obtained a 13% increase in tibia’s mineral concentration and improved weight gain and feed conversion.

Chart 1. Iniciación = starter diet; Crecimiento = grower diet; Acabado = finisher diet

These differences were more significant in young animals, which indicates that pronutrients administration promotes the development and strength of the skeleton, especially during the first stages, which is an essential factor for good productive parameters.

These results, together with the other trials conducted in layers, prove that Alquernat Magacal is an ideal solution to improve mineral absorption, make sure that calcium requirements are met (whether in broilers or in laying hens) and avoid problems related to calcium deficiency.

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