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Alquernat Immuplus, essential in the protection against Newscastle disease

Alquernat Immuplus, essential in the protection against Newscastle disease

Two recent trials demonstrate, once again, that the natural immunoestimulant improves vaccine efficacy

Newcastle disease is a viral infection that affects poultry and presents respiratory and nervous symptoms. It has a high economic impact because it is present in several countries around the world. In addition, the most virulent strains are of obligatory declaration in some areas. That means that most aggressive outbreaks must be reported to authorities who will proceed with the slaughter of poultry and restrictions on trade.

The appearance of this disease is usually prevented with vaccination and to reinforce this action is recommended to use Alquernat Immuplus (natural product based on immunoestimulant pronutrients). Its use has shown that increases antibody titers in animals and, therefore, enhances the efficacy of vaccination.

Vaccination as a tool for prevention

Due to economic importance of the disease, vaccination is a widespread practice in farms around the world. The virus, less virulent or inactivated, is administrated to animals so that they develop antibodies (defenses) and are protected against the field infection.

Despite it is a technique widely used, there are different factors that can decrease the efficacy of vaccines, such as: the interference of vaccine antibodies with those of maternal origin, a wrong election of vaccine strain and an inadequate vaccination program.

That’s why it is recommended the administration of Alquernat Immuplus together with vaccines, as this product ensures its efficacy.

Alquernat Immuplus improves vaccine efficiency

Alquernat Immuplus is a natural immunoestimulat based in pronutrients, actives molecules from plant extracts, which physiologically stimulate the activity of cells of the immune system.

Its administration in feed and drinking water the days before and after vaccination improves animal’s response and enhances the protection against specific diseases.

Several field trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Alquernat Immuplus in increasing antibody titers obtained with vaccination which is directly related to better protection of animals.

Its effectiveness has been tested with vaccines against avian infectious bronchitis, Gumboro disease and Newcastle disease, among others.

Validation of Alquernat Immuplus efficacy in broilers and laying hens

The latest trials with Alquernat Immuplus validate it as an effective immunostimulant to improve the response to the Newcastle vaccine. The results have shown that it is capable of increasing the antibody titers against Newcastle disease by 36.20% in broilers and 51% in layers, during rearing period.

These results indicate a significant improvement in the efficacy of vaccines and, therefore, a greater protection of animals against this disease. In addition, Alquernat Inmuplus is a natural product that acts physiologically, so it does not require withdrawal period or leave residues in animals or their products.


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