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Biovet expands its presence in Africa

A commercial team of the company participated in the annual exhibition Agrena to present its natural solutions

From 17th to 19th a commercial team of Biovet S.A. participated in the 21 edition of Agrena held in the Egypt International Exhibition Centre in Cairo (Egypt). Biovet representatives attended the distributor’s stand to answer questions from those interested and strengthen the presence of the company in the African continent.

Agrena has positioned as one of the most important exhibitions in poultry, ruminants and aquaculture in the Middle East. This year the event occupied two pavilions: one of them for feed and additive processing companies and, another, for aspects related to machinery and accessories for the farm. Poultry farming was the central theme of the edition, although there were also aspects related to aquaculture and native species such as camels and goats.

Pronutrients, preservatives and mycotoxin binders

This time, Biovet S.A., together with the distributor, presented Alquernat Coneb, a product which combines intestinal conditioners and optimizers pronutrients. In the first case, these natural molecules promote the regeneration of enterocytes and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Thus, animals have better functioning of the intestine. On the other hand, intestinal optimizers strengthen the local immune system of the intestine and break the parasite’s reproductive cycle, thus avoiding infestations such as coccidiosis.

Furthermore, natural preservatives also have an important role in the exhibition. Alquermold Natural, the natural preservative of Biovet S.A., had great acceptance among the public. This product is presented as a bactericide and fungicide for feed and its use prevents the appearance of infectious diseases.

Finally, the mycotoxin binder, Alquerfeed Antitox, also had a great representation in Agrena. It is a product based on the Silicoglycidol molecule, patented by Biovet S.A., with a broad spectrum of action and with the peculiarity that does not adsorb beneficial nutrients for the animal.

Amongst the most demanded additives by the industries consulted are those aimed at preventing enteric infections and other natural products designed to improve intestinal health, which can function as real substitutes to antibiotics and other synthetic products.

During the event, the interested public attended the stand to learn more about the natural solutions offered by Biovet S.A. In addition, meetings were held with representatives of other countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, as well as, responsible for registration process representing the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt.

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