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Alquerfeed Jacium, new repellent tested in Perú

Alquerfeed Jacium new repellent for alphiboius

The product is recommended for fighting against Alphitobius diaperinus pests in poultry farms

Last May, Dr. Estefania Mesa traveled to Perú to perform a trial to test the effectiveness of Alquerfeed Jacium, a new repellent based on natural extracts indicated to fight against Alphitobius diapernius. Taking advantatge of her visit in the Andean country, Dr. Mesa together with representatives of Adivet, distributor of Biovet in Perú, attended the 10th edition of the AMEVEA held in Trujillo.

Alquerfeed Jacium new repellent for alphitobius

The new product of Biovet S.A. is a natural preservative named Alquerfeed Jacium which combines cimenol ring with natural extracts. Dra. Mesa perform the trial with different concentrations of the product increasing the repellent effects against Alphitobius diapernius.

The larvae of this coprophagous coleoptera, also called bed beetle, are a serious problem for poultry farms because they can cause diseases like: E. coli, Gumboro disease, coccidiosis, Marek virus or avian influenza. Pests of these beetles can happen throughout the year, but are easier to reproduce in warm seasons.

Alquerfeed Jacium is presented as a valid alternative to synthetic pesticide because it has a high degree of effectiveness, is composed of natural extracts and is harmless for the vertebrates, including humans.

X International AMEVEA seminar

X International AMEVEA seminar

Dr. Mesa also attend, together with the general manager of Adivet, Dr. Hugo Patiño, the X International Seminar AMEVEA held in Trujillo from 15 to 17 May.

The International Seminar on Poultry Production Systems is an academic event organized by AMEVEA. Technicians and professionals attend this seminar to receive more information on  the latest research and trends that have been developing around the productive sector.
In this symposia were exposed conferences on controlling the diseases such as the aviar laryngotracheitis, NDV and infectious bronchitis, among others. The innovations in production methods of breeding hens, incubation and different options for the use of chicken production were also discussed.

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