Biovet, S.A. participates in the II International Avian Symposium (Perú)

Biovet, S.A. participates in the II International Avian Symposium (Perú)

Dr. Maria Soriano, from the technical department of Biovet SA, traveled to Peru to participate in the II International Avian Symposium held in Trujillo between November 21 and 24, 2018. The prevention of pathologies with big impact within the avian sector – source of productivity reduction and the increase of mortality – and animal performance optimization were the main topics discussed. This is the second edition of this symposium organized by the National University of Trujillo and the Association of Engineers of the Andean country and, on this occasion, Biovet participated in collaboration with Adivet, distributor of Biovet in Peru.

The symposium counted on the participation of Veterinary professionals and zootechnicians from Russia, Brazil, Cuba, Portugal, Spain and the hosting country. The most discussed topics revolved around different aspects on broiler production, laying and breeding hens, as well as breeding and fattening of other species such as ducks and turkeys.

Animal feed free from fungi and bacteria: a key factor in pathology prevention

Food quality plays an important role during breeding and fattening stages of farm animals. On that note, Dr. Soriano states that “there is a cause-effect relation between the animal’s diet and the outbreak of some pathologies” in poultry farms.

Most common pathologies

According to Dr. Soriano, the most extended pathologies that have a direct link with animal diet in aviculture are those caused by fungal infection or mycosis and bacterial infection.

Amongst the most frequent mycosis examples, Dr. Soriano gave details about conditions such as aspergillosis and candidiasis, caused by Aspergillus and Candida. Necrotic enteritis is one of the most common bacteria-originated illnesses. It is caused by Clostridium and, if untreated, it may evolve into a severe necrosis affecting the intestinal mucosa. Mycotoxicosis are also frequent, usually caused by fungi that grow in food sources – such as Fusarium or Aspergillus – and capable of the contaminating silos and food-storage facilities.

Preservatives and mycotoxin binders-based prevention

Nowadays, “the use of preservatives and mycotoxin binders are proved to be the most effective formula to battle against mycotoxins and the sprout of bacterial and fungal infections” stated Dr. Soriano.

Biovet brought its preservative Alquermold Natural to Peru, which prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi present in raw materials and food sources thanks to the combination of cimenol ring and citric acid.

At the same time, in order to avoid the effects of possible mycotoxins present in animal feed, Dr. Soriano pointed out the benefits of the Silicoglycidol molecule, like the non-absorption of vitamins and enzymes necessary for animal health. The molecule is patented by Biovet and is the base of the mycotoxin binder marketed as Alquerfeed Antitox.

Feed enhancement with pronutrients based of vegetable-sourced molecules

Dr. Soriano detailed the importance of using vegetable-sourced supplementary additives, also known as pronutrients. These are designed to stimulate the animals’ physiology to maximize its productive performance without having a pharmacological effect on them. Amongst Biovet’ s additives exhibited at the Peruvian gathering, Dr. Soriano proved their effectivity by in vivo and in vitro data.

Intenstinal conditioner pronutrients

Marketed as Alquernat Nebsui. It has beneficial effects on the intestinal health like the recovering of intestinal mucosa and the ease of nutrient absorption and food digestion. Its effects increase animal’s weight and helps improving the Food Conversion Rate (FCR).

Intestinal optimizing pronutrients

Efficient molecules designed to prevent coccidiosis. Its local immunostimulant effect on the intestinal mucosa helps parasite elimination. This product is rich in intestinal optimizing pronutrients and it is marketed as Alquernat Zycox.

Immunostimulant pronutrients

Biovet’s natural immunostimulant, also known as Alquernat Inmuplus. Improves general animal immunity – specially in post-vaccination stages – and it can complement antimicrobial therapy or replace it during the suppression period.