Product launch event in India, organized by Biovet S.A and its distributors

Product launch event in India, organized by Biovet S.A and its distributors

A product launch event in India was organized by Biovet S.A and its distributors at the end of November 2018. The event brought together the main companies in the poultry sector in the Namakkal region. Dr. Chandrasekar, head of the Department of Animal Nutrition of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Namakkal and David Díez, M.V of Biovet S.A participated in the event. In addition, the distributors of Biovet S.A in India and Dr. R. Alphonse Gnanarajan (Biovet S.A) were also present.

The representative of the technical team of Biovet SA, Dr. David Díez, explained that the initial presentation given by Dr. Chandrasekar dealt with “the prevalence of mycotoxins in the region and the ideal characteristics that should have a mycotoxin binder, according to the prevalence explained before, since it is a problem of great repercussion in these region”.

Thus, Dr. Díez in his presentation highlighted the additives of botanical source manufactured by Biovet S.A, intended for the special characteristics of that Asian country. Specifically, he addressed the advantages of using the mycotoxin binder Alquerfeed Antitox, the preservative Alquermold Natural and the general restorative, Aval Premium.


In his opinion, “Alquerfeed Antitox mycotoxin binder is fully adapted to the characteristics of the Asian country that Dr. Chandrasekar had previously explained. Alquerfeed Antitox is based on Silicoglycidol, a molecule that has an optimized surface to adsorb mycotoxins, through a thermal activation and an ion exchange that provides the ability to absorb mycotoxins, from the groups of prevalent mycotoxins. It is stable at different pH levels and allows a low dose (0.5 kg / tm) and does not adsorb other products such as vitamins or amino acids in its structure.


Regarding the Alquermold Natural, an intestinal microbicide, whose action is based on the synergy between the cimenol ring and citric acid. This product is a great alternative to organic acids and acidifiers as a preservative, because acids and acidifiers do not eliminate microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) and only inhibit their growth by lowering the intracellular pH, so that the microorganisms are able to grow again. However, thanks to the activity of the cimenol ring presents on Alquermold Natural it is possible to eliminate bacteria and fungi and, therefore, cannot grow again. In turn, it also has an effect on the control of pathogenic intestinal flora, since it is effective against Salmonella, E. Coli, Aspergillus, Pseudomonas and Clostridium, which is the cause of necrotic enteritis, one of the most prevalent diseases in the country.


Finally, the veterinarian also detailed the special characteristics of the Aval Premium product. It is a nutritional supplement composed of a balanced mixture of vitamins, amino acids and pronutrients of different types: intestinal conditioners, liver regenerators and immunostimulants. According the veterinarian, “is especially indicated in cases of nutritional deficiencies, sudden changes in temperature, periods of high production and improvement of egg quality. The pronutrients act as intestinal conditioners: they improve the physiology of the intestinal mucosa and the absorption of nutrients. In addition, they optimize the physiology of essential organs for the organism (intestine, liver and immune system).

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