Biovet S.A presented its latest innovations in natural preservatives and pronutrients in Eurotier

Biovet S.A presented its latest innovations in natural preservatives and pronutrients in Eurotier

Biovet S.A Laboratories, a manufacturer of additives from botanical source, presented on its booth at Eurotier, its latest innovations in natural preservatives, pronutrients and laying hens products, among others. Hannover (Germany) hosted the trade fair for livestock professionals between 13rd and 16th November, which was titled: “Digital Animal Farming: Management. Animal health. Food Safety”.

During the four days Biovet SA received numerous visits at their stand from “representatives of companies interested in additives of natural source, in reducing the use of antibiotics and in preventing certain diseases such as necrotic enteritis in birds, coccidiosis and post-weaning diarrhea in piglets”, said the representative of the technical-commercial team of Biovet SA, Dr. Antón Tallero.

Likewise, numerous meetings were held with distributors from countries such as: Ireland, Bangladesh, Peru, Honduras, Taiwan, etc. All of them were interested in the latest research on the natural preservative, Alquermold Natural, pronutrients (extracts of plants of botanical source) such as Alquernat Nebsui (with intestinal conditioner pronutrients) and Alquernat Zycox (based on intestinal optimizer pronutrients), and products for layers such as Alquerfeed Layers.

Alquermold Natural is a feed additive of botanical source with double activity: on the one hand, it is a preservative of raw material and compound feed, and on the other, it is an antimicrobial with bactericidal and fungicidal activity. It controls the pathogenic flora of the intestine, such as: Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium spp. o Staphylococcus sp. Its active principle is cimenol ring with citric acid and its activity is based on the synergistic action of these two components.


Regarding Alquernat Nebsui, Dr. Tallero stressed that “an intestinal conditioner is a substance that improves or maintains the physiology of the intestine, and therefore improves the digestibility of the feed, the absorption of nutrients and the balance of the intestinal flora. Between its properties it should be said that: it stimulates the regeneration of enterocytes; Controls the growth of pathogens in the intestine; It improves intestinal absorption and can replace or complement the antibiotic growth promoters.

On the other hand, intestinal optimizers (Alquernat Zycox) promote the activity of the local immune system of the intestine, thus, if a parasite enters the digestive system, it will be eliminated quickly by the defense system of the animal, since it will be more active. The phases of the coccidia cycle most sensitive to the immune system are the sporozoites (asexual phase), therefore, when Alquernat Zycox is administered, animal will be able to eliminate the parasites during that phase.

Finally, Alquerfeed Layers contains pronutrients that optimize the absorption of calcium in the intestine and carbonates, to avoid shell problems during periods of high temperatures.

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