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Compared efficacy of Alquermold Natural in a necrotic enteritis model


The aim of this trial, conducted in 2018 at Southern Poultry Research Group (SPGR) USA, was to examine the effects a natural preservative (cimenol ring) fed continuously as a preventive treatment versus this natural preservative as a clinic treatment in drinking water for seven days during the peak of a necrotic enteritis (NE) challenge.  

The NE challenge was designed to reflect a commercial broiler farm situation with day of age coccidia vaccine and then Clostridium perfringens on days 14 to 16.


*DOT: Days of trial


At day 14th of the trial, when birds were first challenged to Clostridium, there was a marked difference in the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) between groups non-treated previously and the group with preventive treatment with natural preservative, but there was still no difference in weight gain.

* Different letters in chart mean statistical differences between data, in this case, no differences between groups are observed.

By the day 35th, weight gain was reduced in infected animals with no treatment (T2) or with clinic treatment (T4), while animals with preventive treatment (T3) showed similar numbers to the uninfected control (T1), even being challenged. Talking about the FCR, T3 showed the best results, while there was an increase in FCR in non-treated group (T2). FCR in group with clinic treatment (T4), showed an improvement compared to values pre-infection (day 14th), which indicated that the treatment counteracted the negative effects of NE on FCR.

Last day evaluation of the trial, at the 42nd day, data showed how preventive treatment (T3) remained the best option to maintain FCR, weight gain and efficiency index similar to uninfected control group (T1).


–    Preventive treatment with a natural preservative (cimenol ring) made broilers perform as well or even better than birds that were not NE challenged.
–    After infestation, the natural preservative (cimenol ring) in water could prevent the increase in FCR.

For 1,000,000 broilers up to 42 days, preventive treatment with natural preservative based on cimenol ring can increase meat production by 90 tons and reduce feed consumption by 83 tons.

This natural preservative based on cimenol ring, manufactured by Biovet S.A., is commercially available under the name of Alquermold Natural.

You can read more information on this subject in the following news: Preservatives of natural origin, protagonists in the II International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis.

Poster presented at the II International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis that was held on July 11th and 12th, 2018 in Colorado, USA.Alq

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