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Improving productive parameters in broilers with Alquernat Zycox and Alquernat Nebsui


In 2018, a study conducted in Antioquia region (Colombia) evaluate the effects of Alquernat Zycox, intestinal optimizer pronutrients and Alquernta Nebsui intestinal conditioner pronutrients, administered from day 21st to 40th of the production cycle, on productive parameters.


Data from a total of 66.300 animals separated in two batches were analyzed:

  • TREATMENT BATCH (35.700 animals): Pronutrients were administered at a dose of 0,5 kg/ton of feed of each type:
  • Intestinal optimizer pronutrients: from day 21st to 40th.
  • Intestinal conditioner pronutrients: from day 30th to 40th.
  • CONTROL BATCH (30.600 animals): Fed with a basal diet.

From day 21st until day 30th, in the TREATMENT BATCH, intestinal optimizer pronutrients were administered “ON TOP”, together with coccidiostats.

From day 30th until day 40thboth the chemical coccidiostats and antibiotic growth promoters were removed.

Intestinal optimizer pronutrients were maintained in the diet as an alternative to coccidiostats, and intestinal conditioner pronutrients were added (days 30th to 40th) as an alternative to the antibiotic growth promoters.

Table 1: Mode of administration of intestinal optimizer pronutrients and conditioner pronutrients in the growth stage of the broiler

Evaluated parameters:

  • Average weight
  • Feed consumption
  • % Mortality
  • Feed conversion rate (FCR)
  • Efficiency index (EI)
  • Productivity index (PI):

    Table 2: Productive parameters and difference of values between both two batches


    • The high cumulative mortality shown in table 2 is due to the poor initial quality of the chicks in the treatment batch, which, as shown in graph 3, produces a very unequal mortality between the two batches in the first 3 weeks of the study, which are the previous ones to the beginning of the treatment with pronutrients.
    • Partial mortality since the beginning of treatment (day 21) is only 0,65% higher in the batch treated with pronutrients, considering that this batch also starts with a mortality 0,33% higher than the control.

      Graph 3: Dynamics of mortality
      • We can conclude that the treatment with intestinal optimizer and conditioner pronutrients allows a reduction of the initial mortality and the recovery of the rhythm of growth, obtaining similar results to those of the control batch, because it obtains a minimum weight difference with a lower consumption, which results in a slightly improved feed conversion rate and efficiency (0,04 and 2,0 points respectively) in the batch treated with pronutrients.

      The product based on intestinal optimizer pronutrients is commercially available under the name Alquernat Zycox, while the product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients is commercially available under the name Alquernat Nebsui. Both products have been developed and manufactured by Biovet S.A.


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