Products of Biovet: Mycotoxin binders, pronutrients and enzymes were presented in India

Products of Biovet: Mycotoxin binders, pronutrients and enzymes were presented in India

Photo *: L: Dr. David Díez (Biovet) with the representative of the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka / R: Dr. David Díez during his visit to the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Dr. David Díez, representative of the technical team of the company of additives of natural origin, Biovet S.A, visited India at the end of June. Specifically, he met distributors from the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In the meetings, the mechanisms of action of the products of mycotoxin binders’ line, nutritionalspreservatives and enzymes, were highlighted.

The Republic of India, the 7th largest country in the world, is made up for 29 states and 7 territories of the Union, with a population of more than 1,362 million people. According to the government program “National Livestock Mission”, the poultry sector in India is divided into two sub-sectors: one with a “highly organized” commercial sector, with about 80% of total market share and the other being “unorganized” with approximately 20% of the total market share. The “unorganized” sector also referred to as backyard poultry plays a Key role in supplementary income generation and family nutrition to “the poorest of the poor”.

It is estimated that with a poultry population of 729 million [30% layers at around 215 million and 40% broilers at around 480 million] small and medium farmers are mostly engaged in contract farming system under larger integrators and there are around 30 million farmers engaged in backyard poultry as per 19th Livestock Census.

Alquerfeed Antitox based on Silicoglycidol, avoids the problems of mycotoxicosis, having an optimal function of mycotoxin binder. It is used in birds, pigs and ruminants in the prevention of enteritis and poisoning (mycotoxicosis) by ingestion of feed contaminated by mycotoxins. In addition, it is effective at low doses (0.5 kg / tm) and does not adsorb other products such as vitamins, enzymes or drugs in its structure.

Aval Premium is a nutritional supplement composed of a balanced mixture of vitamins, amino acids and intestinal conditioners pronutrients, liver regenerators and immunostimulants. As explained the veterinarian, “, on the one hand, with this product we provide the necessary elements for the development and functioning of the organism and we avoid deficiencies, and on the other, we provide the necessary pronutrients to maintain in an optimal state the physiology of the main organs and systems. In this way, we can achieve the ideal productive results”.

About natural preservative Alquermold Natural, Dr. Díez highlighted its properties: “It is a natural microbicide based on the synergy of the cimenol ring and citric acid, which has bactericidal and fungicidal activity against the main pathogenic microorganisms. Added to the feed acts as a preservative helping to maintain its physical, chemical and nutritional properties, while controlling the pathogenic flora of the intestine.

Regarding the visit to the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the representative of the technical team of Biovet S.A met Sri Venkateshware Enterprises Company. During the conversation he underlined enzymatic products, such as Alquerzim. In his opinion, “it is an optimizer of digestion in feed that contain cereals (such as wheat, corn, rice, soy, etc.), since its composition is adapted to certain substrates of the diet, to facilitate its splitting into molecules simple assimilable and, therefore, improves the use of feed and productive performance.