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Biovet present in ANAVIP’s Congress 2023

We invite you to visit Biovet’s booth (No. 20) and attend our lecture at the XXXIV ANAVIP Congress!

The Congress organized by ANAVIP between 30 November – 1 December 2023 is a prominent event in the poultry sector held in Panamá. During the fair, which will take place at the Megapolis Convention Center, we will showcase a great variety of our latest feed additives, from natural growth promoters designed for antibiotic-free production, to intestinal transit regulators and liver conditioners, based on pronutrient technology developed by Biovet.

Biovet will also participate in the scientific programme of the event with the lecture “Intestinal Transit, Integrity of the Digestive Mucosa and Dysbiosis” by Ing. Aldo Ramírez, veterinarian of Biovet S.A., on Friday, December 1 at 4:20 PM.

Mitigating the harmful effects of stress and regulating the speed of the intestinal transit


The supplementation of pronutrients, vitamins, and essential amino acids is vital at increased stress periods, such as the rearing phase, when changes can occur in temperature, housing, and feed. The combination of these elements, which can be found in Aval Premium, developed by Biovet,promotes the physiology and proper functioning of the main organs and systems. Acting as a liver and intestinal conditioner, and immunostimulant, it helps to mitigate the harmful effects of stress and recover the proper production levels. 

For the control of rapid transit in poultry, Biovet S.A. has developed Alquerfeed Diatom, a product based on activated diatoms of the genera Thalassiosira and Actinoptychus, which are microscopic algae exoskeletons with pores that capture water, reducing the volume of the digestive bolus in the poultry. The additive improves the absorption of nutrients as it slows down the intestinal transit of the poultry and increases the retention time of the feed in the digestive tract. Furthermore, Alquerfeed Diatom also functions as a growth enhancer that does not leave residues, does not generate microbial resistance, nor require a withdrawal period.

We will be delighted to welcome our customers, distributors, and visitors from all over the region at Biovet’s booth No. 20, where our team will be available to provide detailed information and personalized guidance on our high-quality products and innovative technology.

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