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More than 60 producers of birds and pigs from Chincha attend a conference presented by Biovet
More than 60 veterinarians, as well as University professors, producers and professionals from the poultry and swine sectors of Chincha (Peru) attended a conference presented by the technical team of Biovet, in which the effect of intestinal conditioning.
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Biovet celebrates the seminar “Alternatives to feed Additives: Pronutrients” in Dhaka
More than a hundred agents of the agricultural sector of Bangladesh attended the Seminar “Alternatives to feed additives: Pronutrients”, which was held on April 16 – 19 in Dhaka (Bangladesh), sponsored by the manufacturing company of additives of natural origin Biovet S.A. and its distributor in the Asian country. Among the attendees were the main producers and technicians of the poultry industry in
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A technical and commercial team from Biovet visits Ukraine
A technical and commercial team from Biovet, accompanied by the country’s distributor, visited poultry and swine farms in Ukraine in March. During the stay, Biovet veterinarians carried out necropsies in poultry and pig farms, and explained the functioning of mycotoxin binders, preservatives and both intestinal conditioning and immunostimulant pronutrients. Accordingly, the Biovet Dr. veterinary, Elvira Cano pointed out  that the
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Evaluation of the productive parameters in pigs using the molecule Silicoglycidol
OBJECTIVE In an in vivo trial carried out in the United States in 2012, the effect of using Silicoglycidol against another mycotoxin binder Alquerfeed Antitox on the productive parameters in pigs fed contaminated feed was evaluated. MATERIAL AND METHODS The trial lasted for 14 days. Pigs’ initial body weight was 63 kg (approximately), they were fed a diet based
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Eggshell problems in Layers: Causes and solutions
Multiple factors can affect the eggshell quality, and they’re very diverse. This article focuses on defining and finding a solution to eggshell problems caused by a deficient calcium absorption in the digestive tract and heat stress. A) CALCIUM (Ca) REQUIREMENTS Layers’ eggshells contain an average of 2 grams of calcium (that corresponds to the 8-10% of the total
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Biovet S.A. inaugurates headquarters in the United States
Biovet S.A. has opened a new office in North Carolina (USA) to serve North American market. This office is located in the Research Triangle Park, a technological center close to the main universities, to the agricultural sector and to the main points of production and potential clients. The main objective is to approach the North American market and obtain new customers. Biovet will present its
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