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Use of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to stimulate the intestinal immunity against coccidiosis

Pronutriens are an effective and completely natural tool to boost the animal immune system, so that it can eliminate coccidia. They physiologically stimulate local immune cells in the gut and, since they do not directly affect the parasites, they do not create resistances.

Improving the feed conversion rate in broilers with intestinal conditioner pronutrients

Improving feed conversion is key to reduce costs in a farm and, therefore, has a positive impact on economic performance. This improvement can be achieved by adding intestinal conditioner pronutrients in the diets and/or the drinking water, since they are essential molecules necessary for the gut mucosa to work properly.

Improve the protection against coccidiosis with Alquernat Coneb

The trial carried out in India analysed the use of intestinal optimizer and conditioner pronutrients to improve intestinal welfare and prevent coccidiosis in broilers.

Improvement of the efficiency of pig production with intestinal conditioner pronutrients

Natural solutions, like Alquernat Nebsui, based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients, are the best choice to enhance gut welfare, reduce the negative impact of diarrhea and enhance nutrients’ utilisation, which would ultimately lead to an improved feed conversion rate (FCR) and farmers’ ROI (Return of Investment) in pig production.

Natural tools to prevent avian coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a very important parasitic disease for poultry farms and affects farms worldwide. It causes digestive disorders, from subclinical or mild cases, with some diarrhea and a decrease of performance, to clinical outbreaks -moderate or severe- with severe diarrhea and high mortalities.

Air quality control in poultry farms with Alquernat Yucca

Una reducción de la concentración de amoniaco en el ambiente de las explotaciones hasta niveles adecuados evitará la predisposición a padecer diversas enfermedades y estrés que afecte negativamente al desempeño de las aves. Para ello, es imprescindible que el animal consiga reducir la producción y emisión de amoniaco.

Biovet will present the results of two trials about natural preservatives and pronutrients at the IPSF

Biovet S.A. will participate in the International Poultry Scientific Forum to be held online on January 25th and 26th 2021. In this edition, Biovet will present the results of two recent trials. Specifically, a trial about the use of Alquermold Natural to reduce microbial load in laying hens will be presented and a second trial that will describe the effects of Alquernat Zycox on the improvement of production parameters in broilers.

Alquernat Nebsui, effective natural alternative to improve productive parameters at weaning

The third session of the Biovet International Symposium took place on Tuesday October 13th, 2020 and focused on the natural solutions to improve post-weaning performance. A trial about the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients in the productive performance during weaning in combination with carbadox and zinc oxide was presented.

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients were the central theme in the Biovet International Symposium

‘Natural strategies for intestinal integrity’ was the title of the second session of the Biovet International Symposium, which took place on Thursday October 8th. In the congress the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients as a natural solution was presented. These molecules help to maintain the intestine in optimal conditions, face challenges and, thus, optimize productive parameters.

Alquernat Nebsui and Alquermold Natural lead the first session of the Biovet International Symposium

The Biovet International Symposium started on Tuesday October 6, 2020. In this first session, entitled ‘Gut health challenges’, two trials were presented. The first one explained the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients (Alquernat Nebsui) in comparison and combination with butyrate and prebiotics. The second one, was about the effect of Alquermold Natural in the prevention of necrotic enteritis.