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Biovet presents trials on Alquernat Immuplus and Alquermix line in the PSA of Canada

From 15 to 18 July, Montreal will host the annual meeting of the Poultry Science Association. Biovet will present a poster about the use of Alquernat Immuplus and its efectiveness against hemorrhagic enteritis in turkeys; and also, a conference which will detail a trial with the multifunctional line Alquermix in broilers.

Biovet presents a poster in the 6th edition of the International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health

Biovet’s poster revolves on better animal health and nutrition, one of the main topics discussed in the gathering.  The combination of an intestinal conditioner together with a natural preservative based on cimenol ring and citric acid helps optimizing the animal intestinal physiology.

Biovet S.A. awarded for its veterinary research and innovation at VIV Bangkok 2019

Between March 13th-15th Biovet S.A. laboratories attended the international agri-food fair VIV Bangkok 2019. Under the motto “from feed to feed” the event concentrated a total of 1,250 exhibitors with global and regional presence formed by poultry, pork, aquaculture, egg and dairy production sectors.

Improvement of vaccines efficacy with immunobooster pronutrients in broilers

El uso de vacunas se ha extendido en producción animal durante las últimas décadas, ya que la prevención ha estado ganándole terreno al tratamiento. Para que una vacuna sea efectiva, es necesario usar la cepa correspondiente a la que se encuentra en campo, aplicarla correctamente y siguiendo las pautas de administración recomendadas y que el animal tenga un correcto estado inmunitario.

Biovet S.A. conducts technical training sessions in poultry companies of Peru

Last February, Biovet S.A. visited some of the most important poultry producers in Peru. Dr. David Díez held technical training sessions on prevalent pathologies within the Peruvian avian sector, as well as the correct performance of necropsies in birds.

Biovet visited Bangladesh to participate in the International Poultry Seminar and Show 2019

A Biovet S.A. laboratories’ team, formed by sales agent Ferran Brull and Dr. David Díez, travelled to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to attend the International Poultry Seminar and Show 2019. Such event was organized by the representatives of the World Poultry Science Association in the Asian country (WPSA- BB).

Pronutrients do not increase absorption of toxic substances such as arsenic

Several field and laboratory trials have shown that intestinal conditioner pronutrients can improve the absorption of different dietary components (vitamins, aminoacids, pigments…).

Biovet presented its range of pronutrients in the UK for the improvement of the digestive system in turkeys

The thirteenth edition of Turkey Times took place in Chester, UK, between March 6th and 8th. According to the organizers, this annual meeting on science and common pathologies in the production of turkeys was aimed at the dissemination of latest production trends and new treatments for better animal health. Although the main focus of the […]

Identification of genes and tissue-specific proteins induced by an intestinal conditioner

Effect of intestinal conditioner pronutrients on expression of genes related to intestinal mucosa status was evaluated on an in vitro culture of enterocytes. Methodology Procedure for obtaining specific tissue-proteins that have increased expression thanks to the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients is based on the following stages: 1) Development of two cellular cultures of porcine […]

Use of immunobooster pronutrients in turkeys vaccinated against hemorrhagic enteritis (adenovirus)

Immunobooster pronutrients are active molecules from plant extracts that promote the physiological functioning of the immune system. When these pronutrients are administered with vaccination, they increase its efficacy and, therefore, the protection against specific diseases.