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Dr Jaime Borrell Valls will give a lecture at the RACVE on avian pathology

The Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain invited Dr Jaime Borrell, president of Biovet S.A., to give a lecture on the latest updates in avian pathology.

The talk, “Updates on poultry pathology“, will take place on Monday, 27th November, at 18.00. Participants are welcome to attend the event in person or via Zoom.

Personal attendance: RACVE, Maestro Ripoll, 8, 28006 Madrid

Online attendance: Meeting registration – Zoom

This is Dr Jaime Borrell’s sixth lecture at the Royal Academy since 1990, which reflects on his personal and organisational commitment to the academic and scientific research fields. The talk represents the recognition of Biovet’s dedication to poultry pathology research and farming solutions. Dr Borrell will present poultry pathologies and how pronutrients can improve disease prevention and farm efficiency in the poultry industry.

New developments in poultry pathology, the importance of diagnosis and animal welfare indicators are among the key issues to be addressed at the session

The lecture will cover the main poultry pathologies, the importance of diagnosis, key indicators to define animal welfare and how the use of pronutrients helps to improve the physiology of different organs of poultry.

We cordially invite you to attend the conference of Dr Jaime Borrell Valls at the RACVE to learn about the latest developments in poultry pathology and diagnosis, which have served as the basis for numerous innovations developed by Biovet that improve food safety, reduce the use of chemical additives in animal production and improve production parameters in the poultry industry.


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