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Biovet S.A. participated in IPPE 2023

Biovet S.A. participated in IPPE 2023

Biovet S.A. and IFTA USA Inc. participated with great success in the most important international fair of the poultry sector, IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) that took place between January 24 and 26, 2023 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta.

With approximately 28,000 attendees and over 1,180 exhibitors, IPPE 2023 represented the hub for the latest solutions offered by the global animal protein and food industry.

The 2023 schedule included more than 80 hours of educational sessions, ranging from the sustainability of animal agriculture to biosecurity. With more than 100 professional events and conferences, the world’s leading poultry fair showcased the industry’s innovative strength and creative drive.

New collaborations and a great scientific talk

Our technical-veterinary staff attended the visitors at the Biovet S.A. stand, where they answered all questions and provided information on the latest animal nutrition products. In addition, they had the opportunity to meet with customers and distributors from around the world, such as the United States, Canada, Peru, Guatemala, Bangladesh and the Philippines, and created new business relationships in new countries.

In addition to participating with a booth, Dr. Felipe Mendy gave a talk on the “Effect of activated diatoms on the regulation of intestinal passage rate, digestibility, and performance in broiler chicken”, during the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF).

Biovet S.A. presented its latest products at IPPE 2023

During the fair, the technical-commercial team of Biovet S.A. and IFTA USA Inc. presented the latest products developed and marketed worldwide: Alquerfeed Diatom, intestinal transit regulator, and Alquernat Zycox, intestinal optimizer.

Natural additives to improve the economic performance of farms

Rapid intestinal transit is a common problem on farms that results in the presence of partially undigested feed in feces and liquid droppings. It causes the feed not to remain long enough in the intestine for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. As a consequence, the productive parameters and the health of the animals worsen.

Activated diatoms have the ability to reduce the speed of intestinal transit, preventing the problems derived from this situation and, at the same time, improving the use of nutrients, the consistency of the feces and the productive parameters.

Trials carried out with Alquerfeed Diatom have shown a significant increase in meat production with less feed expenditure, thanks to the efficient intestinal absorption of the animals. Alquerfeed Diatom slows down the intestinal transit of animals to increase the retention time of feed in the digestive tract, which has a positive effect on growth rate, feed efficiency and animal welfare.

In addition to rapid intestinal transit, a common problem affecting farms around the world is avian coccidiosis, a parasitic disease of poultry. It causes digestive disorders, diarrhea, decreased performance and high mortality. Based on trial results, gut-optimizer pronutrients such as Alquernat Zycox are an effective solution with long-term efficacy, as instead of targeting the parasite, they enhance the physiology of the bird’s local immune system in the gut.

The use of intestinal optimizer pronutrients allows to improve productive parameters, such as feed intake, average daily weight gain and conversion rate in birds artificially infected with different species of Eimeria spp.

The event represented, as every year, a meeting point with professionals from the sector from all over the world and new opportunities for collaborations with poultry companies.

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